THQ Auction Rumours Point To SEGA Picking Up Relic, Crytek Buying Homefront

It’s still early days and as yet nothing’s confirmed, but it’s looking like some of THQ’s bigger titles have been picked up in the auction that kicked off last night.

One German site seems to be on the ball, suggesting that SEGA have bought Relic and Company of Heroes (for $26million), Koch Media have bought Evolve (for $5.2million) and Crytek have snapped up the Homefront license (for half a million dollars).

At the moment it appears that Volition (with Saints Row, surely one of the most lucrative franchises currently on offer), Vigil and Metro: Last Light haven’t been sold yet.

EA and Warner were both said to be interested in THQ’s roster, with the initial bankruptcy filing revealing some of the names that have already been sold in the auction.


  1. If someone out there would like to resurrect Red Faction well that would be cool…

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