THQ Auction Rumours Point To SEGA Picking Up Relic, Crytek Buying Homefront

It’s still early days and as yet nothing’s confirmed, but it’s looking like some of THQ’s bigger titles have been picked up in the auction that kicked off last night.

One German site seems to be on the ball, suggesting that SEGA have bought Relic and Company of Heroes (for $26million), Koch Media have bought Evolve (for $5.2million) and Crytek have snapped up the Homefront license (for half a million dollars).


At the moment it appears that Volition (with Saints Row, surely one of the most lucrative franchises currently on offer), Vigil and Metro: Last Light haven’t been sold yet.

EA and Warner were both said to be interested in THQ’s roster, with the initial bankruptcy filing revealing some of the names that have already been sold in the auction.



  1. All I want to know is whether someone will be making a proper go of Destroy All Humans!

    With the overlaps between Relic & Creative Assembly expertise I wonder if they’ll be a merger & closure on the cards?

    Never mind more shooters like Homefront & Evolve the people want Big Mutha Truckers ;)

  2. South Park appears to be in a new legal battle as well about whether THQ have the right to sell the exclusive license they bought (but haven’t completely paid for).

    • Yeah, I’ve read about that yesterday.

  3. thought that the crytek homefront story was a done deal..?

  4. Would make sense for SEGA to move in on Relic, having recently signed Creative Assembly to work on another Games Workshop IP. From another perspective, it would mean that SEGA have two of the industry’s best RTS developers on side.

  5. there’s really a company called Kock Media? o_O

    and there can’t have been much interest in homefront for that to be the final price.

    i’m most interested in seeing where Saints Row goes.

    • Kock own Deep Silver, developers of Dead Island among other things.

      Homefront is practically worthless, any game will cost a hell of a lot in development & of course the big one in the FPS genre… marketing.

    • NO there is NOT! It’s Koch – pronounced “Coke”

      • Well it’s a German company, so strictly speaking, one should pronounce it as they do in Germany.
        Similar to how you should pronounce Loch, as a gaelic word.

  6. EA could get creative with the saints row ip ;-P

    • yup get the standard dildo in-game or buy the colour pack for 69p

  7. Im confuzzled, I thought THQ were keeping Metro, South Park and two other games.

  8. We are all anxiously waiting here at Crytek UK.

    Hopefully it’s good news!

  9. Metro 2033 was a great game but it wasn’t marketed properly. Now it looks like the sequel is headed the same way.

  10. Glad Homefront is being picked up, it’s just a shame EA will probably ruin it.

    • My feelings too. We thought the servers were bad on THQ, EA will go one better/worse.

      Also we can look forward to someone calling in constant Cluster Bombs through IAP.

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