GTA: Vice City Coming To PSN Next Week

It’s been a couple months since Vice City was released on iOS and Android in its Anniversary edition, but while GTAIII and San Andreas are available on PSN, Vice City was still missing.

That’s all changing now, with news from Rockstar that the game will be available next week on the Store (Tuesday in the US, Wednesday in the UK/EU) for $9.99/€9.99/£7.99.


There’s no reason given by Rockstar for the delay, but previous rumblings suggested that there was some issues surrounding a Michael Jackson song on the game’s soundtrack. Whilst this could simply be removed and replaced in the mobile re-releases, it obviously wasn’t worth Rockstar opening up the old PS2 code to make adjustments. Presumably, with this release news, those issues have now been resolved – ie: Rockstar paid out.

There’s also a note in the announcement post that more classic Rockstar titles “will be arriving on PSN “in the weeks and months ahead”.

Source: Rockstar



  1. No Vita support. Again.

    If it can run on an effing 4″ x 2″ iPhone it can run on my Vita.

    • Snap! :o)

      • Ooo. That freaks me out.

        Like Halloween.

        I’ve got no doubt.

    • Are there any PS2 classics available on the Vita? Don’t think so, no surprise this isn’t either.

      I guess, once Sony have finished sorting out the PS1 compatibility then they’ll look at PS2.

      Probably easy for Rockstar to port the android version than get the PS2 one emulated. They’d get more sales if they got a proper re-release with trophies for both Vita and PS3.

  2. Wish they’d found a way to get these onto Vita – would’ve been awesome.

  3. Good that they have a normal ps2 classic price this time.

  4. Time for a GTA Legends release on Vita? IF they bundle 3, Vice City and SA together they could charge £20.

  5. Id pick up San Andreas and Vice city if i could play them on my VITA, no interest in playing them on PS3 though

    • This! Give me a reason to turn my Vita on! (personal opinion)

      Although I did receive Lego LOTR’s which is quite enjoyable

    • Exactly. I think this line of logic is has been sorely overlooked by both Sony and 3rd party publishers.

      Instead of marketing the Vita as a PS3 in your pocket and then failing to support that premise with a limited dripfeed of truly next gen titles, call it a PS2 in your pocket and give gamers access to one of the richest, most vibrant back catalogues in videogame history.

      Missed Okami?! Now you don’t have to. Pining for some bizarrely wooden fisticuffs from one of the most bonkers Japanese devs out there? Try Godhand! Ever wondered what JRPGs were like before Square started cynical milking their latest fop-haired androgynite until it was just a crackling husk of meaningless numbers? Here’s Dragon Quest VIII!

      I’d be more than happy to have a PS2 in my pocket with thousands of games available to download, than I am to own a near PS3 level device that is constantly sidelined by an apathetic industry…

      • Give this guy a weekly! Well articulated my man.

  6. Oh Rockstar, if only you had taken the time to do a proper HD remaster, you would be rolling in billions right now.

    As it is, i won’t be bothering. Too much other stuff to be playing to start another game that i have already played to death for no real purpose other than to play it.

  7. A proper HD makeover, with trophies. That’s all we want!

  8. “Smoking guns, hot to the touch. They would coold down if weren’t fired so much…..whooooaah….”

    • We’re soul alone and soul really matters to me…

  9. I didn’t buy the iPhone version yet, because there wasn’t any GC support. But is suppose if there was achievements then they could easily throw in some trophies….

  10. I Dont see the point of this. With No HD version and No Trophies that No Point. I might as well put in my original version i have on disc.

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