Heavy Rain Composer Normand Corbeil Dies

News has been spreading that composer Normand Corbeil, who worked on the Heavy Rain score, passed away after losing his battle with pancreatic cancer at the age of 56. The news first came from The Cancer Forum where user ORly83, who says he is Corbeil’s son, posted that Normand had lost his battle on the 25th.


Normand Corbeil had worked on all Quantic Dream titles, including Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain. He was also working on the soundtrack for the developer’s upcoming title Beyond Two Souls.

For a lot of people game soundtracks are just as big as the games themselves. Honestly, very few soundtracks actually have a major impact on me and I can only name a few game soundtrack titles. However, the music in both Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain really added a new layer to those games, added to the atmosphere. A rare talent has been lost this week, and the impact on Quantic Dream’s future projects will be felt significantly.

Our thoughts are with Mr. Corbeil’s family, friends and colleagues.



  1. :/ RIP , what a huge loss.

    And I agree, the music he made for QD is absolutely amazing, listening to the music gives me chills down the spine. Very few soundtracks managed to do this, but the soundtrack for Heavy Rain delivers, in similar fashion like the soundtrack for Deux Ex HR and Shatter, all though Shatter is more because of the great beat.

  2. RIP such a shame the soundtrack to heavy rain was simply stunning! condolence’s to his family at this time.

  3. The only game soundtrack I own. Sad times.

  4. =(
    R.I.P Normand Corbeil

  5. very sad indeed for anyone of that age.

  6. One of my favourite soundtracks…a sad day.

  7. Heard the sad news earlier. Heavy Rain wouldn’t of been as emotional as it was without that incredible soundtrack.

  8. Very sad for someone relatively young, i quite liked the Heavy Rain soundtrack, especially the main theme.

  9. Aww… bugger. That’s so young these days. Huge sympathy to all that knew him.

  10. Very sad news. The soundtrack to Heavy Rain got me interested in cinematic scores and they have now become my favourite form of music to write and listen to. If it wasn’t for this man my taste and knowledge of music wouldn’t have been expanded the same way.

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