WeView Verdict: Assassin’s Creed III

It would be difficult for a game to be as warmly received as XCOM was last week, so it’s not really surprising that Assassin’s Creed III couldn’t continue the lovefest.

The game didn’t do too badly though, with doomsday619 calling it “one of the best games released last year” and saying that they “keep finding myself going back to it” due to the “huge environment and loads to find and do.” flatspikes was equally impressed, also praising the “Large immersive world” and the “interesting and controversial historical period with characters who are so different from the previous games.” Despite investing a significant chunk of time into the game they “still don’t want the game to end,” a feeling that can be hard to keep up over the course of such a long game.

While gazzagb rated the game as a Buy, he didn’t love it quite as much as doomsday or flatspikes. While he really enjoyed the game’s opening few hours where you play as Haythem, he wasn’t quite so keen on Connor. He called the protagonist “boring and emotionless”, and commented that he “ruins the latter half of the game.” It’s not just Connor that he didn’t like though, he also felt that “Boston and New York just don’t go well with free-running.” However, he did find ultimately feel the game was worth picking up if you were a fan of earlier entries in the series, even it seemingly doesn’t quite live up to those titles.

jimmy-google was even less keen on the game, finding the game to possesses “a bit too much filler,” as well as spending “too much time travelling”. Like gazzagb he didn’t enjoy Connor at all, calling him “probably the weakest lead in AC games so far” and find that the “the around him was fairly predictable.” Ultimately he found that “AC III isn’t a bad game but it’s far from the best in the series and I recommend Liberation [over] it,” which ties in nicely with his feelings that “the ship battles were slightly more enjoyable than I’d expected” in Assassin’s Creed III itself.

With such a good series behind it it was always going to be tough for Assassin’s Creed III to top its predecessors, and LTG Davey actually summed up that aspect of the community’s response to the game rather nicely:

Much like Fallout New Vegas, if you can look past the countless bugs and the occasional flat moments there is a fun game to be found here – just don’t expect it to wow you in the same way AC2 did.

However, despite the game’s problems Buy It still managed to pick up three votes and first place, while Bargain Bin It and Rent It are tied for second place with two votes each.

Now onto this week’s poll. Dishonored won last week and we’ll be taking a look at that tomorrow, while Black Ops II drops off the bottom due to not picking up a single vote. Taking up their places are two games from our pre-Christmas poll, Prototype 2 and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Remember, you’ve got until 11:59pm on Sunday night to place your vote for next week’s game.



  1. Been looking at this on sale in Game today – think I’ll finally pick it up!

    • Its £13 from Blockbuster online if you are planning on getting it for PS3 or 360 :) Just enter 5MARKET as a discount code.

  2. I managed to pick this up for about £18 in Blockbuster, its for my birthday though so wont be able to play it. Glad I did, Im quite looking forward to playing this. Got a bit of a dreaded backlog at the moment though!

  3. LTG Davey has summed it up perfectly. It’s still a good game, but is nothing compared to AC2 which is still my favourite.

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