Sony Teasing Something For February 1st

I’ve a strong suspicion that a good chunk of the first six months of the year is going to be taken up by Sony and Microsoft teasing things. They may not be anything to do with next-gen but it’s likely both platform holders will be carefully playing a delicate marketing game.

Like this video, which appeared overnight. At first glance it looks like something live action for the God of War series (and indeed, that’s what I’m personally sticking to) but there’s discussion that Sony are going to push something out during Sunday’s Superbowl.


The video ends with a date, though, and that date is the 1st, Friday, not Sunday. Is this teaser little more than a forward pointer to a bigger, longer version in a few days time?

There’s also chatter that we’ll be getting the first real details on God of War: Ascension’s single player mode shortly – whether or not that’s in the same timeframe I don’t know, but it would seem to match up.

As ever with these things it’s interesting to see that Sony are at least still 100% behind the PS3 – God of War might be out soonish but there’s still Beyond and The Last Of Us to roll off the production line, even if Cage’s latest has been suspiciously quiet of late. After those? Well, it’s time to kick things up a notch or two…



  1. Definitely God of War related. May be GoW Ascension, but I really hope it’s a GoW IV or a Vita spin-off.

  2. Minus a few exceptions (Bioshock Infinite, Grand Theft Auto V) the only games I’m actually looking forward to this year either come from the Sony camp or are exclusive to the platform.

    Ni No Kuni, Sly, God of War, The Last of Us, Beyond. And what if I get bored of those? Well, damn, I’m still wading through last year’s PS+ content drop.

  3. Fields of Elysian if ever I’ve seen them.


  4. No….. not more God of War

    • I’m the same…so much hype for it and its just a button masher in the end.

      • Shhh! People around here don’t want to hear the truth about GoW! >_>


      • *covers ears* LALALALALA I CAN’T HEAR YOU!
        (If it’s just a button masher, I’d be better at it)

      • Maybe but with a epic story.

      • They changed the combat anyway it’s No longer a button mash up, try the beta & see

      • If that’s the case I might give it another shot. I guess I have to try the demo after all.

      • Every game is exactly the same though, look at Bf/CoD
        Just move the screen so the centre of it is over a bad guy & press a shoulder button… Rinse & endlessly repeat
        Your fave sports game of choice
        Just endlessly play the same game for a year until a slightly better version of the game is out in a year’s time.
        That racer you love?
        Point your car forwards & try and stay on the grey bit & off the green bit whilst keeping a button pressed to go faster
        How about the latest fighter you just bought?
        Yep, bash some buttons.

        So of course GoW is just a button basher, in the same way every game ever made is whatever you make it by boiling it down to its core mechanic

      • Ah, but Bilbo is pointing out something in particular for this game-type. You have to press the buttons an extreme number of times to progress through the game. Not just a press here and there and some deft use of the shoulder buttons, but an effing jack-hammer amount to take down a party of grunts. It’s why I avoid games like this as I know they’re using it to stall the player and not have them romp through the game in half of the time.

        If he’s a god killer then why does it take (what feels like) a hundred or so button presses just to sort out a handful of grunts at every turn?

        It’s a lazy game mechanic. Sure, we see such problems in other genres but this one has the button-masher problem.

        The really frustrating bit is that if it wasn’t like this I’d play the bloody franchise inside out!

      • What Bunimomike said. However I avoid military shooters, racing games, beam em ups and sport games for similar reasons but Kratos is just such a predictive and one dimensional character that GoW takes the top spot in my list.

      • It’s possible to play by mashing buttons just like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat etc is, anyone who buys into it however rather than just dismissing it plays tactically, linking combos… keeps enemies at bay with ranged attacks before moving in to finish them off with melee combo.

        Absolutely zero difference in reducing a core mechanic of GoW to reducing the core mechanic of any other genre until it’s just the same repeating the same motions… endlessly… for eternity.
        Whether it’s an FPS moving the screen slightly so a bad guy is in the centre of it, tapping the shoulder button, moving the screen fractionally again so another bad guy is in the centre, tapping the shoulder button again and repeating thousands of times per level or millions of times through a the whole game & online.

        to mining grain, to feed a population who can mine wood to build a bigger town to grow the population so they can mine more grain to grow the population so they can mine more wood to grow the population. Sometimes you replace the grain with spacedust or the wood with alien metal but it’s still just all the same.

        etc & etc for any game or genre ever.

      • Ah, there is a huge difference here. You’re looking at the repetition we see in games. Bilbo and I are talking about the frequency of repetition in a game. I couldn’t name you another title (I enjoy) where I am hammering the buttons as much and with such frequency. Sure, there are combos, distance attacks, etc, but it’s still a huge problem for my liking. Heavenly Sword suffered with it a fair bit too if memory serves me (which is why I eventually put it down and didn’t finish it). It’s gutting as I love everything else about it but cannot abide this sort of tactic.

        Feel free to shout “to each their own” at me with that in mind. :-)

        Sure, we can distil and reduce most games down to particular mechanics but there’s a certain subtlety with the others when compared to beat-em ups and GoW-type games. Actually, here’s a question, Chris.

        When starting out in the game, how many button presses does it take to put-down the usual handful of grunts? (for your average player)

        Random aside: I level the same criticism at Batman as my flat-mate seems to have to press the buttons an inordinate number of times to take care of several goons. Keep in mind she’s a crap gamer so ignore that last part. :-)

      • Then I guess most developers are better at hiding the simple core mechanics of their game…
        It’s very rare that I actively feel like a part of a game has been implemented just to make it longer. God of War 1 for example gave me that feeling towards the end (that part where you climb the spiked, rotating pole?).
        What you say still doesn’t make anything Bunimomike said less true.
        I really don’t understand how such a mediocre, repetitive, linear franchise with the most one dimensional character I’ve ever come across can get by so easily.
        The same lack of understanding applies to the love for the CoD franchise. I guess it’s just me. *shrugs*

      • Ah, a female gamer. No wonder she is rubbish then. I’m joking before all of the female members on the site hunt me down and do something very painful somewhere where no bloke wants to recieve pain.

        I’ve tried to get into GOW but just couldn’t, i had to force myself to play through the HD collection as i found it repitive and a bit boring. :O That and Kratos can be described in one word:Rage. I don’t mind repitive games as long as it’s the first game in the series as i can give it a bit of a free pass. But if it’s a sequel that is repitive, chances are i won’t be inclined to play it. Thus i tend to avoid 99.9% of FPSes due to most of them being more or less the same thus repitive. The hack and slash genre does suffer from this but surprisinly, most hack and slash games i’ve played are not repitive(aside from GOW). :O

        Not being repitive is one of the many reasons why i love the RPG genre, even when a certain publisher takes a massive dump on a beloved franchise as a repitive RPG tends to get shunned by a majority of RPG fans.

      • Damn my hearing, did someone say mutton basher..?

      • Maybe if you’re playing on Spartan/Human. Strategy is actually required on any difficulty above God.

      • I like button mashers, Dynasty Warriors are one of my favourites to buy there and now and Devil May Cry is quite fun but God of War just doesn’t click with me, its just the combat is often mediocre to me, if they’ve changed it then yay. Ascension seems to be taking a new direction anyway.

  5. Not a huge GoW fanatic but the second I saw the thumbnail I thought of Kratos’ wife.

  6. Woman looking like Kratos wife walking through falling ash? Could it be Sly 4?

    • Or Zombie DLC for The Last of US.

    • Am I being dull? When I paused the video, the eye that opens quickly isn’t pale/white skinned. So, not Kratos? Sorry if I’m being daft.

      • Kratos wasn’t covered in the white ashes until after his wife died.

  7. Killzone vita or the beast kratos GoW

    • Yeh it’s probably GoW demo being announced for ps+ lol

  8. A teaser… for a trailer.

  9. GoW Trailer with Phil Collins? Can you feel it in the air tonight, Oh Lord, oh Lord………..

  10. PS…5 :D

    • What happened to the PS4? Did they name it the P45 only to realise that Top Gear beat them to that name? Did a valve and forgot how to count? :O

    • They can’t do 4, it’ll spell the end of Sony.

    • Then again it worked out well for Metal Gear Solid 4, DMC4… was a mess though and other titles with 4 (I can’t remember)

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