What We Played #90: Corpse Party, SimCity, Universal Sandbox

What We Played

We’ve not got a lot of gaming to report this week, though unusually for me recently I’ve managed to spend a couple of hours online with Mass Effect 3. Admittedly when I should have been doing something else, but gaming’s become a rare treat lately.

Dan played through Earth Defence Force 2017 which he says is “just as bonkers as the original 2007 game” but, he points out, now double the price. Jet Set Radio lasted barely ten minutes on his PS Vita before it was deleted for being “so boring”. And after an hour of playing the latest Corpse Party game his only coherent mumble was to say that it’s “really bloody weird”.


We have a strict policy of not commenting upon rumour and speculation, especially when NDAs may or may not be involved, so all we can say about Peter’s alleged involvement in the SimCity beta last weekend is “no comment”.

For what I am sure are utterly unrelated reasons he’s been playing SimCity 4 of late. With a decent sized, profitable city and a mostly harmless positive approval rating despite a lack of fire stations. There is more than one way to conceive of skinning that proverbial arboreally entrapped feline though.

[videoyoutube]While on the subject of feline frolics it occurs to me that managing Premier League footballers must be like herding cats with superiority complexes. Despite this, Peter’s completed his first season of running Spurs in Football Manager 13.  “We won the league by 12 points, beat Chelsea to the FA Cup and won the Euro Cup 1-0 against Leverkusen.” He puts his achievements down to his nice fluid attacking style of play. Hmmm.

Kris has been playing the “brutally hard and ridiculously deep” public transport management sim Cities in Motion.  With a tutorial “more complex than entire other games” that still showed no sign of ending after an hour perhaps it’s a game for when you’ve got plenty of time you can block-book.

And for when city governance isn’t enough to sate your megalomania:

I also had a quick play with Universal Sandbox which is hugely entertaining. You can fiddle with the size, weight, density and other properties of stellar bodies, then see what happens. For example, making mercury the size of the sun has some rather interesting results. It’s not really a game, but a fun tool for mucking about in.

Last up this week is Aran who has made it to the second island in Far Cry 3 “which means there are now more outposts for [him] to liberate”. The game might be starting to get to him as he keeps saying something about a “giant ink thing”. I can only presume that’s a bit like a huge smoke monster.

Perhaps all the craziness is giving him a persecution complex as in NBA 2K13 he thinks his team mates have taken a dislike to his player, refusing to pass or just outright pushing him out of the way. We can add narcissism to the list as he puts their behaviour down to jealousy over his player’s performance.

What games have been testing your sanity this week?



  1. The end is finally in sight in Mass Effect 3! It feels like I’ve been playing it a long time now but it’s still fantastic, and it’s fun finally comparing choices with my friends.

    Beyond that I’ve played some Kingdom Conquest 2 on the iPad and been working out what to play on my new 3DS until Fire Emblem comes out. Has anyone played Paper Mario, Metal Gear Solid 3D, Kid Icarus or Kingdom Hearts on it?

    • Kid Icarus is great if you can get used to the controls. As for Metal Gear, do you have the circle pad pro? I’m not a huge fan of the game but it controls great with that little (ugly) peripheral, heh

  2. Been playing NFSMW on the vita, nothing much really, a lot of Netflix

    Just picked up Hitman collection & Ni no Kuni so that’s this month sorted. Should fix my ps over the weekend. Was going buy the new red one but with all this ps4 talk I cancelled my pre order

  3. Yet more Sacred 2 this week, mainly levelling up the other character classes to level 15 and farming for rare armour set pieces.
    Other than that and the usual meets it’s been EDF and Dokuro on Vita.

  4. This week I’ve not had much gaming, been working on a few tunes in Cubase 7 instead. The little gaming I have had has been play Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes on iPhone which is a bit fiddly on the small touch screen but still fantastic. I started Uncharted: Fight For Fortune on Vita which is great now I understand it. Thanks Youles for the tutorial.
    Oh, and Ni No Kuni came yesterday so I spend and Hour or so starting that. Its Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!!

    • Oh, and also played an hour on Dirt Showdown with Youles on wednesday. Theres a meet tonight too if anyone else is interested?

      • Do you know what mate,i reckon i’ll sign up,its been a while :)

      • Good man!

  5. Finished Far Cry 3 and unexpectedly got the platinum trophy. Only my 7th ever! Then played the first 15 odd mins of Dishonored and liked what I saw, so will probably crack on with that one now.

    • Dishonoured is excellent although it lacks replayability. I may be biased as i was seen consuming both flavours of Mountain Dew a few days ago. I played it like a stealth game. Reloaded a lot more times then i would care to mention. Completed it 3 times when i first owned it. :)

      • “although it lacks replayability”

        You lie.

      • It does! Apart from trying to beat your scores on the levels, there is nothing to do and thus some people will sentence it to their shelf once completed.

  6. This week has been a mix of BLOPS2 DLC, the Crysis 3 beta and a bit of Borderlands2 thrown in for good measure. Having a great time with all of them. Gaming seems fun again at the moment :)

    • Oh, I also re-joined the PlayStation family over the weekend and bought a PSP in the Blockbuster sale. £35 and basically looks brand new :) Downloaded the various PS1 games I have bought for the PS3 over the years so I can now take Tomb Raider 2, Resi 2+3 and Fear Effect 2 on the road with me :)

  7. More Most Wanted and Uncharted: Fight for Fortune on Vita.

    I’ve actually played an iPhone game (yup, even though it doesn’t earn me trophies) – but Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes is brilliant, everyone should buy it for £2.99 (especially when it’s £8.99 on PSN I think).

    On PS3 I (finally) restored my 100% on Rage since the recent DLC, by completing my Ultra Nightmare playthrough. I also played some Black Ops 2 zombies with McProley, Tobo_56 and Wolf-of-Chaos but unfortunately we didn’t get the EMP grenades to try for Tower of Babble, which McProley and I were fortunate enough to earn last Saturday – which was quite tough, but at least I have all the zombie trophies now!!

    I played the Dead Space 3 demo co-op, which is really good fun – and I think the trading of weapons or blue-prints will be rather good. I also played some DiRT Showdown which I only seem to be enjoying the TSA Meets….when playing randoms I seem to get bloody frustrated when the rubber-banding or double-points screws you for your lead, which in turn means you earn less XP….and not to mention the events where the smashing of blocks doesn’t register. And who thought it was a good idea to give XP/Fans based on numbers in a lobby. Not enjoying the MP grind. Hopefully a few more TSAers will join tonight’s meet though.

  8. Played nfsmw on vita and hated it took it back and exchanged for nfsmw on 360 also being played binary domain on 360 and trying to decide when I can do a second play through I enjoyed it that much. Started strike suit zero on steam bought after reading a piss poor review on Eurogamer ,the reviewer said it was too hard and buggy, well have played and its quite good he was just piss poor like is review.

    • You hated NFSMW on Vita so got it on 360 instead? Makes no sense to me as its essentially the same game. In fact, the Vita version has more races

    • Like McP said its the same version to its console version, what didn’t you like, the controls or the fact that sometimes when you driving sometimes it’s not visible what’s ahead

      • It didn’t help that i had played the other versions 360 pc and ps3 but grainger didn’t have ps3 version in or pc.

        I didn’t like the controls for NFSMW vita either.

  9. Been playing a bit more of dishonored, and NFSMW on the Vita. Really getting into that game now. Took a while though.

  10. Been playing Virtues Last Reward on the Vita. Infact, I would go as far as to say I am addicted to it. Its very engrossing. You dont actually do that much apart from make choices in the game and solve puzzles with the touch screen but its got such a nuts story line that I am hooked.

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