PlayStation Home Arcade Player Arrives on Vita This Week

PlayStation Home still hasn’t managed to pull most of us in. We’ve all given it second, third and even fourth chances but, for most of us anyway, it seems to have fizzled away into nothing.

It’s seems to be quite expansive now – there’s a big collection of arcade games – and there’s good news if you don’t feel like heading onto Home and trawling through the virtual spaces in order to find them: an arcade player arrives on Vita this week!


It’s a very smart move from Sony and a good way of competing with other mobile markets due to the sweet price point of just 79p per game. There are two games – WipEout 2D and Ice Breaker – available with the player for free, along with a demo of Scribble Shooter.

If you purchase any of these games on the Arcade Player, they’ll also be playable in your Home apartment. The same goes if you’ve purchased any of the games available previously in PlayStation Home itself, too.

The full list of games, with descriptions, are below.

Included with the player:

  • Wipeout 2D: Four tracks, 12 teams. Direct from the PlayStation Home WipEout Museum space comes WipEout 2D, the top-down twist on Sony Computer Entertainment’s all-time classic anti-gravity racer.
  • Ice Breaker: Trapped behind an ice wall, pinned down by the snowballs of an irate eskimo… Take control of Penguin, smashing bricks with his perpetually bouncing ball. Lead him to freedom in this enduring favourite from the PlayStation Home Bowling Alley space.
  • Scribble Shooter (one level playable demo): Welcome to the U.S.S. Hiro – paper-bound starship, eraser supreme, defender of the page! Over ten mind-bending missions, pilot Hiro beyond the fringes of insanity to erase the Scribbles and free the Paperverse from UggyNyxx; the roughest drawn doodle from this or any other another dimension.

Available to download for 79p:

  • Mad Blocker: The mischievous morphing Fluzzles are stuck in Block form. Line them up, according to color, creating links of four or more to free them in this quirky, hand-drawn puzzler from Open Emotion Studios.
  • Centipede: From the Golden Age arcade cabinet to PlayStation Home and the PS Home Arcade. Atari’s all-time 2D classic is here to play in all its original retro-gaming glory.
  • Asteroids: Blast the rocks and saucers, avoid enemy fire and asteroid collisions. Stay alive, keep on scoring. Simple, addictive and one of the most influential games of all time… Atari’s Asteroids, available now as an arcade cabinet in PlayStation®Home and on PS Vita via the PS Home Arcade.
  • Time Pilot: Travel back to the year 1982 and the birth of Konami’s Golden Age gaming classic. Fly through time and space, battling enemy aviators throughout the ages, rescuing your fellow pilots and returning them to their own time. A 360 degree gameplay pioneer, Time Pilot remains an essential addition to any gaming collection.
  • Frogger: One Frog, his river home so tantalisingly close. His way barred by a busy four-lane highway, fraught and heaving with traffic. This deadliest of commutes remains one of the most elegant and memorable set-ups in gaming history. Konami’s Frogger: suitable for kids and the kid inside. Still as good as you remember.
  • Astrosmash: Giant Asteroids fall from the sky. It’s an attack! The Alien bombardment of Earth has begun. In command of a giant laser cannon, it’s up to you to blast the extraterrestrial menace from the skies. The fate of the world is in your hands in this all-time classic, brought to you by Realtime Associates.
  • Shark Shark: Take your place in the food chain, chowing down upon the small fry to bulk up and take on the bigger fish. Negotiate the perils of the ocean and watch out for the sharks. In the dank depths of the deep blue sea, there’s always something out there bigger and hungrier than you!

Source: PlayStation Blog



  1. Anticipated this as Scribble Shooter was in a Home section on Vita PSN the other week.

    I don’t know what these games are like but it sure will be interesting to try them out. I wonder whether the main Home virtual space would ever come to Vita.

  2. Wait, a Micro Machine-esque top down Wipeout game? I just might have to dust off the old Vita for this… after I’m done with Ni No Kuni.

  3. Wait, what? I’ve had this for weeks, probably got it in December.

    • Yeh same, this isn’t really news if some of us already had it.

  4. I remember playing Astroids, Centipede and Frogger down the arcades when they were the latest thing in gaming, Astroids was my fav with many 10p’s put in the slot. Now I only have to spend 8 of them.
    Looking forward to this.

  5. Scribble Shooter is an awesome shooter. Bags of fun and the sound effects are very funny. Well worth 79p for the full game.

  6. Ice Breaker was my favourite game whenever i went on Home so i’ll probably pick it up just for that.

  7. Time Pilot! I used to have this on my Colecovision back in the mid 80’s, great retro fun and an essential purchase for my Vita.

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