Jenova Chen’s “Theories Behind Journey” DICE Presentation

Journey means different things to different people, but to me – as I’m sure most of TSA’s readers will have already gathered – the game is the absolute zenith of what’s possible with the medium.


At the risk of having just one too many Journey posts, this one, from last week’s DICE Summit, features creator Jenova Chen talking about the theories behind the game and the inspiration for much of the plot. It’s a great half hour or so.

If Journey left you feeling cold, perhaps this might help indicate where the rest of us found such connections. And if you loved it, this might make you appreciate it even more.

The good stuff kicks off at about 5 minutes in, but the section that really interested me is at around 26 minutes in – I find how they managed to create the game’s “flow” and the deep, yet mostly under-the-surface emotional arc fascinating.

Journey won 8 awards at the conference last week, including best game of 2012.

Also available is Gabe Newell’s chat, Warren Spector’s presentation and one from Borderland’s Randy Pitchford.



  1. Thanks for this. I’m super interested in all things TGC, Chen and Journey. I’ll probably watch it tomorrow, it will have finished loading by then. Damn you basic internet.

    Oh, a heap of related videos, I’ll be there for days…

    • Count this as an edit.

      Just finished watching it. I though it was a really great talk, particularly the second half. To see his thought processes is so interesting, and the very end is pretty touching.

      Couldn’t help getting distracted by his awesome belt though. Anyone know where I can get such a thing?

      • just noticed that would like one as well.

      • Yeah noticed that myself, such a class belt. Would love to get one too.

  2. Sounds interesting, i’ve queue’d it up on my phone and will watch it on ps3 tomorrow at a earlier hour, ta.

  3. really interesting watch thx nofi.

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