WeView: Far Cry 3

I’ve heard nothing but praise for Far Cry 3 – TSA’s community has been very vocal about how great of a game it is, as far as I’m aware. Vaas is, apparently, one of the best videogame villains of all time and there’s just so much to do in the world of the third Far Cry instalment.

Even though that might be the case, I’ve been in a constant state of not having the money to spare since it released, so I haven’t yet got around to it. Fortunately, you lot will be able to convince not just me but many other potential buyers why they should (or shouldn’t, though I highly doubt that’s the case) part with their cash for this game.

We didn’t review the game so there’s no score to assign to the game from us – though it does hold an impressive Metacritic rating of 90.


Thankfully, teflon previewed the game a month or so before release. While he couldn’t go as in-depth as he wanted to, he gave us all the impression that the game would definitely be a hit, ending it simply with “it feels like Ubisoft are set to pull it all together successfully.” And I’m surely they did exactly that – though your opinion may differ.

Peter also put together some lovely videos (including the one embedded above) in order to still give a good impression of the game while doing something different from the many other reviews on the web. There’s not much else I can really say about the game – this is where it’s left to you.

So, did you love it as much as everyone else seems to have? Or were you disappointed by the third instalment in the Far Cry series? This is your chance to get your voice heard.

As per usual, just leave a comment below and slap a Buy It, Bargain Bin It, Rent It or Avoid It rating on the end, summing up your feelings. We’ll do a round-up of all your reviews next Monday, so if you manage to write a comment by Sunday afternoon, you’ve got a good chance of being included in the Verdict article.



  1. My favourite game of the PS3 era bar Call of Duty 4.

    Loved every second of it. The story is engaging, the action can be quite intense. Some great missions with epic background music :D

    The graphics are impressive. For me, Vaas was great but wasn’t in it enough to be called one of the greatest villains. Buck and Sam were my favourite characters.

    The only game i’ve ever platinum’d. I did more or less everything there was to do in the game.

    From hunting pigs to bears, knifing and torching pirates.

    I can’t praise this game enough. In my eyes, it’s gonna take some beating.

    • The co-op is shit and the multiplayer is generic but you can pick this game up now for around £15 new and cheaper pre-owned. Worth every penny.

      Buy it

  2. Nice game, awful story which ruined it for me. Rent it.

  3. I found the first 2/3rds of the game, for want of a better word, tedious. I also encountered a fair few game breaking bugs which put me off slightly. When it all came together right at the end it was a joy to complete but possibly too little to late by then.

    All in all its a decent open world game and worth a go. Rent It

  4. My personal GOTY of 2012, maybe even of the PS3.
    The open world is vast, vibrant and just bundling with things to see and do. Visually it’s breathtaking to look at, even on the PS3.
    The story I thought was wonderful. In my opinion nothing was to be taken at face value, and that there was always a sense of fantasy for Jason; as in what we saw is what Jason wanted to perceive. Alice in Wonderland quotes only enforce this idea which really helps the game tie in with the insanity theme.
    Vaas’ character is one of the best I’ve seen in a game, it’s a shame he’s doesn’t get a lot of time. Very spontaneous, brutal and in my mind a realist.
    Few glitches or bugs from my experience during the single player.
    Coop is a really boring affair I find. MP I think is broken for me as well. I’m greeted with an infinite loading screen every time I try to find a match. I don’t tend to like online features in single player driven games like this though, so it has no bearing on any score I give it.

    Online features aside it’s a BUY IT from me.

  5. An ambitious project but ultimately one which just isn’t polished enough by today’s gaming standards (a common problem with Ubisoft titles these days). Lengthy load times, frequent bugs and glitches, poor draw distances, regular texture pop-in, sub-par voice acting, dull storyline, loose shooting controls, even worse driving controls – yup, I hated this game initially and still do 10 hours in. Avoid.

    • Just out of curiosity, what platform did you play the game on?

      • 360 (installed to HDD). Ideally I would have liked to try it on PC but alas my rig just isn’t fan enough :(

      • …or man enough :$

  6. One of the best PS3 games ever, i had got brought 6 games for xmas from the wife and only just got around to trying the others much to the annoyance of my wife.
    Its a definite BUY IT you get so much for your money and exploring the island is amazing. The sharks and crocodiles have made me jump more then any resi evil game lol.
    The Co-op was a nice touch and made the game last longer i have not tried online it was splitscreen.
    If this is coming to the end of this gen what an amazing way to go out well done UbiSoft.

  7. Best game I’ve played since the last best game I played!

    Great game so much more fun than FC2. gameplay flowed batter and the storyline blew me away.

    BUT. (will avoid spoilers) In my opinion the storyline and Islands were the wrong way round, it peaked too early. The Hoyt story should have been before Vass and the second (Hoyt) Island was boring compared to the first (Vass) island. Up until the end of the Vass section I was completely drawn in, then the game just seemed to fizzle out.
    Sorry if that doesn’t make sense!? Trying to avoid spoilers…..
    Not tried Coop or MP yet. Waiting for my mate to catch up…

    Oh yeah. Buy it..

    • Flowed better! Dammit…

    • it makes sense, although i enjoyed it a silly amount, it seed seem as if they just ran out of time/money! I spent hours upon hours clearing up the north island, completed the south in around 2 hours

      • Not sure they they ran out of time/money. It was all there. Just badly ordered IMO.

        Definately should’ve got Hoyt out of the way earlier and peaked with Vaas at the end. Just felt the game went downhill when it moved to the second island.

        The build up searching the caves for the compass etc for Shiva (or whatever her name was) Was amazing, some of the best enviroments I’ve seen in a game. The utter craziness in the Shiva/Vaas story made the game for me.

        The Hoyt story was just too generic. Could have been playing any FPS by then TBH. I was the same, hammered the first island, just played thru the second as it just didn’t appeal to me.

  8. I haven’t bought it yet but it’s on my wish list, there’s been some glowing reports from the forum but it all sounds a bit mixed here. Looking forward to hearing more.

  9. For me this is what a game should be all about.
    A story if you want to play it if not then you can just do what you want when you want how you want and a different story online co-op they thought of everything with this one.
    I have not stopped playing it since, I bought it in the Days of Christmas sale.
    I love it a defining game and a definite buy it from me.

  10. From the 6-12 hours that i’ve played of it, the gameplay is decent. And is not the generic, go in guns blazing, hide behind that cover to regenrate health then continue the fight. Instead it’s plan your attack, try to avoid getting shot or go Rambo on everyone. I don’t like Jason and his friends as i felt naff all for them. I didn’t feel that i had to rescue his friends. One major problem i have with him is that he goes from spoiled brat from LA to Rambo within half an hour into the game.

    Seriously, how on earth did he go from that to Rambo? I would have liked to see him struggle to handle new weapons at first but the more you use them, the better you are at using them. I would have liked the ability to craft traps and set up ambushes, rambo style. As you can see, FC3 does remind me of Rambo. Vaas is a very likeable villian and i still believe he was the best villain of 2012.

    The enviroments can be used as part of your attack on an outpost. Start a fire, watch it spread and pick them off from a distance with a sniper rifle. But the enviroment does hide some deadly predators, no, not those predators. For example, a tiger can sneak up on you without you realising before it’s too late. Oh and you can punch a shark.

    I hate the dubstep soundtrack as it doesn’t suit the setting. Overall, it’s a decent game and i would say BUY IT then procceed to punch a shark in the face. By the way, did i ever tell you the definition of insanity?

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