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News Snatch: Final Fantasy X Vita, Next Gen Games And Bioshock Gives You The Clap

Final Fantasy X HD for PS Vita is still a thing, much to the surprise of everyone. Square Enix have released a short video showing the HD’ified characters and not much else, but who cares it’s still a thing! Woohoo!

It seems that AGB used this video to grab some screenshots which you can view here.

The first game for Next Gen consoles has been officially announced with Bungie confirming that Destiny will appear on ‘future consoles’. Also appearing on Next Gen will be – surprise surprise – Watch Dogs. A poster has been spotted that says the game will be available for ‘all home consoles’ which is marketing speak for ‘We’re not allowed to say PS4 yet’.

If I were a betting man then my money would be on Star Wars 1313 being shown for PS4 on Wednesday, the game has been heavily featured on the PlayStation Blogs but is quite obviously way beyond anything the PS3 could render.

Meanwhile, a completely unsubstantiated post on NeoGaf from someone who claims to be Kenny Linder, of the now defunct Sony UK studio BigBig, suggests that The Last Guardian has moved to PS4.

The Ruffian Games twitter feed has also sprung into life after months of silence, suggesting they might have something to show everyone on Wedneday. “Hey! It could be worse, we could fly you half way around the world and then say nothing. We’re doing you a favour really.” they tweeted. Crackdown 3 on PS4?

Further to the leaked concept art for Dead Nation 2, Superman and yet another The Walking Dead game, Housemarque have released a statement to explain their previous statement.

“Playing around with concepts and settings is standard practice among most developers, and as veterans of the industry will be able to confirm, by the end of the process only a few of them turn into real products.”

“Since the beginning of 2012 we have been silently working on three unannounced projects. These games are now at various stages of completion and are planned for release on several platforms”

“I’d personally like to reassure fans and press both that no Housemarque title has been cancelled in years. Any speculation on the nature of our new titles is a wild guess at best.”

So let’s have some wild guesses; Dead Nation 2 is a safe bet and it would not be a PlayStation launch without a Super Stardust game so perhaps they will have something to show us on Wednesday. As for the third title a re-skin and remix of Dead Nation could easily be turned in to a multi-platform The Walking Dead game but as there are two of those already that is rather a long shot.

Two Days

Naughty Dog have said that The Last Of Us will have “easily the longest campaign Naughty Dog has ever made.”

Bishock Infinite has been given a Mature rating by the ESRB as it includes dialogue such as “Obscenity and fornication everywhere!” “Could use a good roll in the hay after this,” and “I think yeh gave me the clap, ya dirty boy…”

As the game is set in 1912 it also includes a number of racial slurs including “chink” and “gook” but according to the ESRB, not the ‘N’ word. The word “negroes” can be heard in the game but not the more offensive slang phrase which makes me wonder why Irrational seem to think it’s historically accurate to insult Chinese people but not black people.

Obviously I’m not advising anyone to use such terms these days but they should have had the balls to go all-out with their alternative version of America in 1912 rather than what appears to be piecemeal self censorship. Perhaps they might have included a ‘Hunt the racists’ mission to indicate to impressionable minds that this sort of thing is not to be tolerated.

Sega have teamed up with Japanese PC retailer Enterbrain to create a line of console inspired laptops. What that means in reality is a Laptop with ‘Mega Drive’ on the cover. That’s it, no built in Megadrive, no emulation and no games.

505 Games are offering Cricket teams their chance to play against the professionals in their forthcoming Ashes 2013 title. A team from Bristol is currently in first place but Oxford Brookes University, who are in second place, are making a last minute bid for votes.

The Daily Mail has got all uppity and outraged at a game created by Internet trolls, 4Chan. The game, Chris Dorner’s Last Stand: A True American Hero, was created using the source code for Doom and was specifically created to make outlets such as The Daily Mail all uppity and outraged.

And finally, staying with Doom, check out this video in which some arty person imagines what the game would look like using today’s technology.


  1. If that is just for Vita I am going to be very pissed off. Mainly because I would be tempted to buy a Vita for it as it is one of my all time favourite games…. if not /the / game.

    • It’s only been announced for the vita, as it was about a year ago (maybe longer)

      Not seen any rumours for other consoles

    • Are you talking final fantasy if so it’s for ps3 & vita

    • When it was first announced many moons ago the Vita didnt even exist, so hoping they didnt U-turn and go down Vita only route. So excited for it it’s quite untrue!

      • It was always a Vita + PS3 HD remaster, I don’t think they would suddenly make it a Vita exclusive. They just showcased the Vita version, that’s all.

  2. Well Dead Nation 2 would be very fucking welcome, the first game and DLC was awesome.

    • When you need a bit of trigger happy fun but don’t want to emotionally commit to a huge disc-based game, Dead Nation was the obvious choice. Co-op shenanigans ensued. Top news about a sequel.

      • I concur, wonderful game with decent visuals and interesting-enough weapons and upgrade system. 4-player on the sequel would be nice!

    • Dead Nation 2 was on the drawing board, not sure if it ever made it as far as a project or not.

      Either way it’s been canned now…

      Housemarque pitched for a Walking Dead & a Superman game too, which again never got anywhere

      Pics of concept art from Dead Nation 2, Walking Dead & superman (featuring a much older seemingly worn out Supes) were online, but have now been removed

  3. Cracking snatch, fella.

    “…suggests that The Last Guardian has moved to PS4.”

    That would be fine with me. Give in to the fact that the main reason behind the delay is a technical one and that we’ll see it on the PS4 instead. If it has even remotely decent graphics (PS3½) we’ll all be fine if it’s fairly early into the life-cycle.

    Also, lovely to know that The Last of Us is a suitably meaty campaign.

  4. So let me get that straight:
    Watch Dogs, Star Wars 1313, Destiny, The Last Guardian and I’m fairly sure Final Fantasy Versus XIII (or whatever they will rebrand it to) on the PS4? If even half of those games come out within the first few month of the lifecycle, we have a killer line up and that is just the rumored stuff…
    It is very likely that I’ll be tempted to get a PS4 on launch day.

    • Probably Agent as well

    • Plus Naughty Dog & Guerilla’s projects as they’re surely working on new stuff for the new console which may be Uncharted 4 & Killzone 4… or it could be something new.

      • A Naughty Dog launch title is a must. Not too fuzzed about anything Killzone, though but I’m sure it would shift a extra few units.
        There is only one thing left to discuss:


      • though all the tie ins with the number 4 would be nice!

    • Once PS4 is announced and available to preorder im gonna build up my paypal account with sold games and stuff from this gen and pre order and pay straight away. Not selling my ps3 though.

  5. Not surprised about The Last Guardian. I’d kind of expected it actually. Ico was originally planned as a PS1 game, but moved to PS2 after it took too long… They make good games, but they do take their time. I’m hoping it’s still good.

    Glad Last of Us is long. Coupled with the cautious gameplay style hopefully I can really take my time over it.

    Weren’t people saying watchdogs was going to be next gen when it was first shown? Not that surprising either.

    • Yeah, they did mention next gen as planned platforms. Everyone was surprised by the fact that they said it would also run on this gen hardware and look similar.

  6. nice Total Recall reference, hopefully Sony will make our head explode.

  7. Wow, the Doom re-imagining is pretty incredible. Some people are annoyingly talented…

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