Latest PlayStation Mobile Beta Features PS3 Controller Support

The latest release notes for PlayStation Mobile might suggest that the service could be moving away from just being aimed at Vita and other certified Android phones and tablets.

Why? Because they list DualShock 3 controller support for the PC simulator.

Now, obviously this doesn’t automatically mean Sony are working on mainline console support for Mobile, but it might signify a shift in focus with the service – a few comments regarding the PS4 showing mentioned the lack of cheaper, more indie-led titles in an iOS like Store.

The beta version doesn’t currently let you compile Store-ready master versions (another release will appear in March) but until then if you’re a registered developer it might be worth having a quick look.

We’ve pinged a couple of PSM developers for comment.

Other changes include automatic screen scaling, more sound format support and a boost to the Vita’s CPU performance, which might make some of the titles run a little smoother.

No mention of further expanding the country list that Mobile works on.

Update: one developer urged caution on this, suggesting it’s just an analog for other similarly set-out controllers (like the Vita) and doesn’t indicate a PS3 version. At least, not based on this.


  1. I hope it does come to PS3, for the last few weeks I’ve only played PSM games on my Vita.

  2. I just presumed it was so you could play with buttons straight in the simulator rather than having to build for a device just to test something small.

  3. Probably just to enable an option for people who pair a DS3 or generic bluetooth controller with their mobile devices.

  4. Maybe part of the Vita’s future (hardware revision?) to help it develop more into the living room? A Vita with HDMI out, hooked up to a TV and DS3 linked via Bluetooth sounds good to me…

  5. This is something developers have been asking for for a while: the ability to test games that need analogue stick input in the simulator, which previously there was no way to do (you had to pay for the publisher license and deploy to an actual device).

    PS3 support would make little sense for PSM, as you’d need touch screen support for a lot of the games. Though it would be great if there was a way to develop for PS3, Sony have in the past appeared reluctant to allow developers to specify any one platform (eg Vita only) for their games, which they’d have to allow for PS3 support.

    Maybe PS4, with that touch pad on the controller, but I very much doubt we’ll see PS3 support any time soon, if ever.

  6. Suggests and makes sense that PSM may well serve as the PS4’s Minis equivalent.

  7. Or it could just make it a whole lot easier for devs to test a game with “controller” support instead of having to deploy to a device.

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