Several Of Journey’s Creative Team Form New Studio

Matt Nava was the art director on Journey. I won’t waste your time going over our love for Journey any more but needless to say that it was very much appreciated by many of us. So whatever the man responsible for that iconic style is up to should be interesting.

Well, he’s started a studio of his own, called Giant Squid. It’s early days just yet but there’s plenty to be encouraged about. Austin Wintory is on board, the very talented guy behind the music of Journey. Nick Clarke rounds out the trio of people – he’s an engineer and game designer who was also formerly at thatgamecompany and worked on Flow, Flower and Journey.


The studio is called Giant Squid and it is a collaboration between Nava and The Ink Factory, a young movie and TV production company. Their website says that the company strives “to create artistic games that deliver beautiful, meaningful, and timeless experiences to a wide range of people.”

No details yet but this team should be one to watch.

Source: Giant Squid via Twitter



  1. So excited about this.

  2. Bit odd so many people leaving TGC, wonder what’s happening behind the scenes.

    • It’s called change or evolution, something the ‘big dogs’ never want to do.

  3. Is there anyone left at TGC?

    Co-founders went separate ways & now art director.

    TGC could be the Trigger’s broom of the gaming world.

    • It’s not quite that bad, Chen still resides there at least, but yeah.

      I feel the same way about football teams some times.

  4. Journey the Movie please.

  5. “Wide range of people” could mean lots of platforms and so a better chance of their stuff appearing on something I own, but it could also mean smartphones so I won’t get too excited yet.

    Their job posts ask for C++ and Unreal Engine experience, whereas a quick Google suggests C++ isn’t really used on iOS/Android, so does that indicate more of a console leaning perhaps?

  6. Giant Squid doesn’t have the same ring to it as thatgamecompany, but what’s a name? I look forward to seeing what they’re working on.

    • I thought it brilliant actually. Giant Squid. Funny yet giant.

      • Looks to me like an x-ray-ed female part with a male part in it.

  7. They seem to have stolen the sigil of House Greyjoy…

  8. Awesome, can’t wait to see what they produce!

  9. Well their logo doesnt look rude at all, does it.

  10. Austin Wintory also did the amazing FlOw soundtrack for TGC. I Bought that on iTunes last Friday; 10 tracks all for the price of a LBP T-shirt! Bargain.

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