Sky’s Now TV Sports Add On For Xbox Is Quite Expensive

Sky Go on the Xbox 360 used to be a great way to watch on-demand and almost all live regular Sky content. Recently though, it’s been unwatchable during programming, only streaming perfectly on my 100Mb fibre connection when the adverts are pushed for on-demand programs.

So I’ve been waiting for their updated streaming television service – Now TV – to add sports so that I can get the football back on my big screen.


Now TV gave access to the Sky Movies packages and, although a little bit overpriced (£14.99 per month) in comparison to Netflix (£5.99) and Lovefilm (£4.99), it has an unrivalled catalogue in the UK so if you’re not especially bothered about watching the finances (lucky you), it’s a tempting package.

Well, Now TV’s Sky Sports content is coming and it seems to have been priced by a mad man.

If you’re an Xbox Live Gold customer, that is you already pay roughly between £25 and £40 per year to access the good bits of Xbox’s online services, you can buy access to the entirety of Sky Sports’ content for £9.99 for 24 hours. That’s approximately £300 a month.

The use-case for this pricing is clearly so that you can, for example, buy access to a Formula 1 race (although if you add practice and qualifying the cost spirals) or a whole “Super Sunday” of Premier League action. But even at that, it seems hugely overpriced. In the press release, they point out their exclusive Ashes coverage. Ashes test matches can last four days each and there are ten of them in the next year, that’s £400 to see them all.

Will anybody ever use this?

Source: Press release



  1. not me thats for certain . way overpriced .

    • I dont have Sky and so this seemed a good option to me and bought a pass for last nights Manchester Derby.
      After the Streaming dropped out for the third time in an hour we retired to the pub! Couldnt log on again when we got back so have asked for my money back (yes I know I’m an naive optimist!).
      Wont be using this service again until I hear that it is much improved level of service.

  2. It’s priced for big events. £9.99 isn’t too bad if friends around for an event or something, but if you have it more frequently than that you may as well get a Sky subscription, at least that way you get SkyGo for watching on 2 other devices like a PC, phone or tablet and exclusive, fantastic channels like SkyAtlantic included too.

    SkyPlayer now called SkyGo as part of your Sky TV subscription is great. NowTV, little more than a LoveFilm/Netflix rival just isn’t.

    But as it’s standalone away from the TV subscription it’s the one that Sky are interested in pushing out to more devices. I’d kill for SkyGo on the PS3… but if they ever get around to anything it’ll probably end up being NowTV that arrives.

  3. I now buy Sky Sports (which includes F1 and ESPN) through the iStore and the Sky Sports app. £4.99 a month and streams perfectly to my Ipad or Iphone. Already have a HD Sky subscription so get F1 for free anyway.

    • You have to be an existing Sky customer for that, though, don’t you?

      • hmmm not sure.

      • I don’t think you do. I Just had a look on the app store, no mention of a sky subscription.

      • yes.. another comment,

        the only thing is it blocks over the air transmission so you cant use it through apple tv. Still, its a cracking price for all the sports channels, plus the mrs doesn’t get annoyed because i don’t want her to turn the shit she’s watching over for some football!

        Also, theres not subscription. £4.99 per calender month. i have an email every month telling me their about to renew so also gives me the chance to cancel

      • You don’t have to be an existing Sky customer as such – you need a Sky ID, but you can get one by signing up to the Now TV free trial (or probably other ways), and then just pay the £4.99 a month which is what I do too. Picture quality is far from amazing because it’s designed for the iPhone screen, and isn’t even great on there, but it’s lovely on my iPad while I’m using my TV for playing 360.

  4. I downloaded the Now TV app for PS3 yesterday (got the beta sent through) and signed up for the 30 day free trial. All in all it seems quite good and the quality is decent enough, even on my terrible connection. Agree with CC above though, getting mates round for a one off event like F1 or footy is great but as a viable alternative to an actual Sky sub then it is very expensive.

    • WHUT??!?!? Ive been badgering Now for the PS3 version for ages!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

  5. I can see why they’ve gone with that pricing, they don’t want to cannibalise their own business model. I imagine it’ll change in a few years as viewing habits shift.

  6. Sky prices are insane, i’d rather watch my F1 highlights for free on bbc or just download the torrent and watch it.

    • I was put off BBC’s F1 coverage by that idiot Humphrey.

  7. Sky is a rip off IMO. This is just ridiculous. I see they are now charging to watch F1, when it was free last year. Bunch of money grabbing fuckwits. I quite Sky mainly because of their terrible customer service and high prices.

    • Sky customer service bud is the fu#*ing worst,the amount of times i had to threaten them because they’ve wound me up and took the piss.They don’t leave new info on their computers so the next guy knows what the last one has done.My mrs phoned up to ask what the bill was and they said “£111,so i went the village shop got my money out and put it on my pre-paid card.5 mins it took,i got back and my mrs rung them up again wanting to pay,a different guy this time and said the bill was “£149”.I was bledin livid mate i just went on one.

  8. It’s a complete waste of money if you’re an F1 fan, a 24hr sub won’t even allow you to see Quali and the Race because of when they are scheduled. Makes far more sense to either stream it or watch the BBC’s delayed coverage. For other sports, such as Football, then I can see it being slightly more appropriate, but when most pubs show the footie each weekend, I don’t see many people being able to justify it.

  9. It’s a lot to pay but if you only used it for special events then it’s not too bad.

  10. sky, believe in better.
    except when it comes to pricing. O_O

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