NOW TV Available Now For PlayStation 4

For those of you who have been waiting for the NOW TV app from Sky to make it to Sony’s latest console, the wait is over. Appearing earlier today you can download the application directly on your PS4, meaning you can get some nice telly goodies as long as you have a subscription.


If you haven’t signed up to NOW TV and wonder what all the fuss is about, the service offers three packages that give access to movies and TV channels like Sky Atlantic. For example the movies packages is £8.99 a month, while the entertainment one, which has Sky Atlantic, is £4.99. There’s also a Sky Sports pass but that should only be used if you really want to watch a match, as it clocks in at £9.99 per day.

To sign up you can go here

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  1. Just need SkyGo now

    • I thought I heard that SkyGo would require an extra £5 per month to use it on PS4.

      If it’s available on PSTV, either natively or streamed from the PS4, then it makes sense: I could use it as a cheaper alternative to multiroom.

      • I was thinking of waiting until the SkyGo app works but the app only streams SD content and even on BT Infinity BB can pixelate sometimes.

        Also as I subscribe to a full Sky package with Sports and Movies you don’t get all the channels on SkyGo

        When I weighed this up that for £11 per month for Multitoom instead of £5 for SkyGo extra I went for Multiroom.

        Especially as I got a new 2TB Sky HD box free and includes a built in Wifi adapter. This means it no longer needs to be connected to a phone line which was another issue of mine with Sky’s old policy.

        Go on get multiroom. It makes sense :-)

      • You got a free 2tb box?! Was that part of an offer, or did you apply some pressure?
        When I’ve asked in the past they’ve quoted me silly money for a modern Sky+HD box, that’s a big part of what put me off multiroom.

  2. Is this just UK? Can Ireland avail of this?

    • I have no idea, but I like your turn of phrase, sir!

    • I read that as if it were Thor speaking those words :D

  3. Great I don’t have to switch my Ps3 on now to watch it. Frees up HDMI ports too.

  4. @NotSmartEnough – Sorry couldn’t reply directly to your question.

    Initially they wanted £60 for the box and £49 installation charge. I put up a good amount of pressure but was very firm and professional and told them I was pay £60+ per month for years and this will now go to £72+ per month again for years to come.

    They brought it and all I paid was £49 install charge and I couldn’t argue with that for the piece of kit I got.

    Currently have 40 episodes of Game of Thrones and 180 + HD or 3D films and still have 55% of the space left – Go on do it :-)

    • This is what everyone with a Sky+ box (other boxes are available) does, isn’t it? Fill it up with stuff they stand no chance of ever watching.

      Which always reminds me of Douglas Adams and the bit about the Electric Monk in Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. Technology has moved on a bit, but “video recorders watched tedious television for you, thus saving you the bother of looking at it yourself” sounds remarkably true today.

      I hope you get some sort of non life-threatening (and possibly imaginary) illness so you can sit there and watch all that stuff.

      • Actually I am a huge film fan and prefer this over having a lot of physical media lying around.

        In addition I might not watch all the content as a) I may have seen it already or b) it might be for friends or family to watch when they visit or c) I may watch it sometime in the future. So to say I will fill it up and never watch it is a bit presumptuous!!

        Oh and you know that everyone with Sky in the uk does the same do they!!!

        I was merely pointing my experience across to another forum user who has thanked me for the info.

        As for falling ill my friend I wish you the same!!

  5. Thanks! I’ll ask politely and see what they can do. It would be handy to have another Sky box in the house; the kids are starting to realise that the Freeview TV in the family room isn’t the same as what we’ve got in the lounge!

  6. A colleague of mine had an old box. I got on to them the other week and they upgraded him for £15 delivery of the new box and £5 upgrade to the hd package. I think this is now standard or it was what they were offering about 3 weeks ago

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