Sky’s Now TV Available on PS3

Sky’s Now TV is an internet TV service which allows you to watch Sky Sports and Sky Movies channels without the need for a contract. It launched today on the PS3.

For £9.99 you can get the Sky Sports Day Pass which gives you access to all the sports channels for one day only. So if you fancy watching the German Grand Prix this Sunday the day pass will cover it. There will also be 119 live Premiership football matches next season to look forward to.


For £15 a month you can have access to the Sky Movies section. There’s a 30 day trial on offer, leading to a three-month introductory price of £8.99 per month.

Sky 1, Sky Atlantic, Sky Arts and Sky Living will be added later this year.

For someone like me without a Sky subscription, who has to either listen to the radio or head down to the pub to watch sporting events, this seems like an ideal solution. However, £9.99 for a day pass is a hefty price, I’m sure you’ll all agree.



  1. £9.99 for a day is a joke!!

    • Just watch Formula One on your PS3 via Satellite for free, that’s what I do.

      Pick it up on RTL via satellite, and simulcast with Radio 5 Live.

    • £9.99 is a very hefty price considering I have the sports package and that’s £20 extra a month.

  2. I wonder if they’ll show Box Office events. I don’t have Sky, so being able to watch the next fight on PS3 would be great.

  3. £9.99 is completely ridiculous. I don’t know what planet Sky are on but it’s clearly one filled with sports addicts who will do anything for a hit and they are happy to exploit that.

    So glad I grew out of football.

  4. the pub sounds like a much better option, and you could get a few pints for that money.
    the movie service doesn’t sound too bad though, a bit pricey, but then they do often get the movies before Lovefilm or Netflix.

    but a tenner a day for sports, that’s just ridiculous.

    • oh and a sub that includes Sky One and Sky Atlantic would be of interest to me, depending on the price of course.

  5. Just to add to this. I’d argue watching football at the pub is only beaten by actually being at the match. The only thing that’s tempting is the F1! They can sod off at £10 though!

    • Absolutely, at £10 I want the Friday practice, Saturday Qualifying and Race on Sunday for that price. Why don’t they just class it as a weekend event and charge for it accordingly with a one-off fee of £10 for the F1 weekend.
      You can have a months subscription to some channels for that £10 and get a frickin dish and box thrown in!

      • That sounds a lot more reasonable! Now I’m just going to hunt around for an online stream for tomorrow and Sunday.

  6. It doesn’t affect me as I give half my monthly wage to Sky anyway but I was very surprised when they announced SkyNow is £10 a pop. I would’ve thought £5 would be far more palatable.

  7. If you already pay for sky sports and movies do you get this service, or do you have to pay the extra sub just to watch something you are already paying for on another device.

    • Pretty sure it’s on top? I’m in the same boat, if they could link it to my existing sky sub, that would be very useful :)

  8. well i got excited until I saw the price. Oh well.

  9. NOW TV has been available for weeks on PS3!

    • That’s been the beta mate, this’ll be the full fat. ;)

  10. Depends how you look at if you go to the pub how much would you spend against 9.99. Me trip to the pub is a couple of purple ones

    • Same here. It seems steep, but on the other hand… If there’s 4 of you sat in a mates with a few beers & a takeaway, you could watch a couple of footies matches for literally £2.50 each which is nothing.
      Even between 3 of you its cheap. eg: I’ll get the beers, you get the pizza & you get the footie. Job done, a days entertainment for a tenner each. I can’t get one round for 3 people for the less than a tenner in my local

      • Apologies for the poor English & grammar. Using an iPhone for commenting sucks!!!

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