Community Chronicle: 07/03/13

Was that the first peak of sunshine I espied yesterday afternoon? By Jove, I think it was! Maybe Spring is finally going to get started over the next week or so.

There we go, that’s the obligatory chit chat about the weather, which all Brits are contractually obliged to engage in on a near-daily basis. Onwards to the rest of the Chronicle.

This week it’s Wonkey-Willy’s gaming set up on show. I’ll hand over to the man who can describe it best… Wonkey-Willy, of course!

This is all outside in the conservatory, so I can close the doors and shut the kids out! The TV is about 7 years old now, and doesn’t even have HDMI, but she does me proud.

The second picture is a big old stack of games. That pink 3DS is not mine, by the way,
but yes, that is a signed photo of Samuel L Jackson. Then a selection of Blu-ray’s and my old lappy, yet another dinosaur that’s still kicking!

Finally, I call this devotion, but my mates call it obsessive. It’s just a small collection of games that I had to double up on, both on 360 and PS3. There are some more but they are out on loan a moment.

A small, idyllic refuge from the screaming hordes? It sounds lovely.

If you’d like to share your gaming set up, please use the submission form below, get in touch with me on Twitter at @teflon, or just send me an email out of the blue to [email protected] If you do the latter, don’t forget to chuck your TSA ID in there, so I know who you are!

It certainly seems to me that most people have been knuckling down with BioShock Infinite and Tomb Raider this past week. Bacon_nuts and bmg_123 along with McProley and Matthangzhou all seem to have finished it, but others like element666 sound like they’ve got a little bit stuck in a rather spoiler-filled spot, towards the end of the game. Thanks to everyone who has been jumping through verbal hoops to try and figure out if they can offer relevant advice without spoiling the ending!

McProley has also been closing down on the Dead Space 3 platinum, whilst the multiplayer grind for Dirt Showdown is up, and he can focus on the last few single player trophies to polish that sequence up.

Willbossman has finally got round to the Uncharted 3 platinum, which, now that I think about it, is something I haven’t done yet either. B_Cambo sounds like he might be stumped as to what he’s going to tackle next, having finished the platinum for Aliens: Colonial Marines.

That’s a problem which might also face MadJunkBoy who took home the platinums for The Walking Dead, Resident Evil 6, Dead Space: Extraction and Need for Speed: Most Wanted… All in this last week! An insane number of trophies in one fell swoop!

Freezebug has also stuck his head in, claiming the Sly Cooper 4: Thieves in Time fastest platinum. Darth Newdar is also moving on to Sly TiT, relating his trials with Sly 3:

I finally got the Platinum for Sly Cooper 3 this week, after completing the very annoying last challenge, which took me several hours – General Tsao in the forest, if anyone else remembers it. Tsao says this one line every time you fail, so I was seriously beginning to wonder if “the black magic of the family Tsao is unstoppable.” (Aargh, I had to listen to that so many times!) Anyway, just about finished it in time for the release of Thieves in Time, which I am now thoroughly enjoying.

Another game series I’m woefully behind on. However, I did finish Tomb Raider a little while back, and Kevling, a similarly game ending challenged person, has joined me in this regard:

Finished Tomb Raider this week, which isn’t much of an accomplishment for most people, but it takes something special for me to stick with a game right through to the finish without being distracted by something newer or shinier. Granted, the lack of big puzzley tombs was a disappointment, as was the over-reliance on shooting, but I still loved it from start to finish, and am looking forward to diving back in for some of the collectables.

I did also finish off Scott Pilgrim last night, alongside Bodachi and Topgearsam. We battled with netcode and connection issues, we fought valiantly against seemingly impossible bosses, and we skipped to the next level when we got stuck, and battled to the death with Gideon. So yeah, we kind of cheated a little, but to be fair, that game is really, really, really hard!

Rounding us out today is Sitorimon, who hit level 20 on his PSN profile, with the “Miku Hatsune Project Diva F trophy”. I’ll be honest, I have no idea what that trophy is, but congratulations on hitting level 20!

That’s almost your lot, but you can head over to page two for the fastest platinums board. To finish off this page, we have the usual submission form for photos and accomplishments. Don’t hold back!

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  1. Neat collection! Laughed at the last photo, I couldn’t bring myself the buy the same game twice. I used to have a laptop by gateway, I kind of broke the internal dock for the charger on the day I had to finish and submit coursework – was working against time and the remaining battery of the laptop! I kid you not the coursework had full marks.

  2. Nice set up, talk about I love call of duty :p

    Also can I just say this, I own the fastest plat for psallstar battle on the vita not ps3, I don’t know who has the ps3 one but I have the vita one

  3. Tidy set up you have there Wonk, although surprising to see it set up in a conservatory with their Arctic or Tropical climates depending on the time of day/year, we have one…..I know :P

    Props to Darth with that General Tsao fight for the Sly 3 platinum, I never managed that battle challenge without losing health, way too tough. You will have a far far easier time getting the Sly tit platinum! ;)

    • Thanks, glad to hear it! :)

    • too true freeze 110 deg in the summer -10 in the winter lol..
      jubblys and fleeces the only way to game…

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