Vita’s Jak and Daxter Collection Listed For June

Yes, yes, I know – a retailer listing isn’t confirmation of anything, but two European retailers have now added listings for the previously-rated Vita version of 2012’s Jak and Daxter HD Collection.

There’s still no official word from Sony, but the two listings both include a release date of  19th June (a Wednesday, so normal for EU releases). There are no other specific details on the page, but the listing on the website of Spanish retailer Fnac does at least have a product description specifically mentioning the Vita.


Of course, it’s entirely possible that both retailers are simply listing the game based on the ESRB rating a couple of weeks ago, but it’s worth noting that Fnac was the original source for rumours of The Last of Us’ now-official month-long delay back in February.

Source: NeoGAF (1,2)



  1. I know one thing, glad I didn’t pick this up for PS3. Seems like the perfect collection for Vita.

  2. I was going buy the HD collection for ps but got vita I will hold to get tgat

  3. I’d love to play the trilogy on Vita but i dunno if i’ll actually buy the games for a 3rd time, just for Vita.

  4. I got it and ratchet n clank HD collection for PS3 and i dont regret a thing :)

  5. I picked up the first and third games for PS3, the first game i love but the third one not so much. I’ll still probably pick up the second game at some point so i might go for the Vita version.

  6. So multple carts? Or using higher capacity carts?

  7. The more, the merrier! Another one for the Vita. This while the WiiU seems losing one title after another…

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