Naughty Dog Confirm Jak & Daxter HD Collection?

Naughty Dog has allegedly confirmed the existence of the Jak & Daxter HD Collection which South African games retailer ‘BT Games’ leaked last week.

Norwegian website PlayStationSpill is reporting that Justin Richmond from Naughty Dog confirmed the collection during an Uncharted 3 presentation in Oslo.


The pack will contain HD versions of the first three Jak & Daxter games, and is set for a 2012 release.

Source: PlayStationSpill (via Google Translate)



  1. Yes. This is good news as I only ever played the first one.

  2. It’s either confirmed or it’s not. Maybe wait for the official announcement and hence lose the question mark? (Or alter the headline)

    • Question mark is there as – no offence to PlayStationSpill – It’s just what they say Naughty dog said.

      If its true, then it’s confirmed, the question mark is there to cover my arse just case they made up the quote.

      Which im sure they didnt.

      Well, almost sure

      Hence ?

      • When having a QA at, they got a lot of questions about Jak and Daxter, but this did not come up.

    • Mr Richmond unintentionally confirmed it during a Q&A (I think that was the setting), but no official statement (it’s already pretty official if you ask me) from Naughty Dog and/or Sony has been given as far as I know.

  3. Hope each separatly are at a good price…

    • Will they actually sell them seperate? I haven’t looked but can’t think of any the recent influx of HD collections that can be bought seperate. Maybe GOW?

      • I think that the Splinter Cell games as well as the the more recent GoW PSP games were all sold seperately weren’t they?

      • Not too sure. Probably could have been less lazy and looked, but I’m full after lunch and tired ;)

      • You can buy a lot of them seperately to be fair. Splinter Cell, Prince of Persia and God of War for definate. Personally Im only interested in the first one so I’m hoping I can buy it seperately for less than 9.99

  4. I’d rather have the blues based Fleetwood Mac fronted by Peter Green.

    • I’d rather go to Flares than Reflex.

      • Hell no – Reflex all the way.

      • Id rather listen to The Reynolds Girls.

    • Ditto, do love a bit of the Fleet!

  5. Please, please, please.

  6. Awesome. Love these games, especially the first two. A definite buy, and really I guess it was always just a matter of time until these got the HD treatment, given the first party studio and their popularity.

  7. so HD versions are the new cash cow

    • Yes, and the inclusion of trophies.

    • To put a different perspective on it, as someone who doesn’t own a ps2 anymore and never played the Jak and Daxter series, I’m very happy it is being remade so I have the opportunity to play them.

    • It’s great, they remove backwards compatibility, then sell us games many people own again! As much as I hate it, I still buy them..

  8. Fantastic. I’m a norwegian playstation fan, and have to go thesixthaxis to hear about this Norwegian ps site that I’ve never heard of before.

  9. Just HD? One of the websites that leaked information on it had a box with 3D too, not just HD.

  10. Awesome. Another bunch of originals going on ebay. Loving the hd remakes :-)

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