Jak & Daxter HD Collection Inbound?

A mysterious listing on South African games retail site, BT Games, is advertising Jak & Daxter HD Collection.

The Jak and Daxter series, developed by Naughty Dog,  was a huge hit on the Playstation 2, with Jak and Daxter, Jak II and Jak 3 all receiving a great reception from the gaming community.

There was also Jak X Combat Racing, a spin off. A fouth game in the main series was also released, Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier but received a less than great reception.  Jak and Daxter also appeared in Playstation Move Heroes, which released earlier this year.

HD Collections are proving to be popular with the likes of the God of War and Metal Gear Solid franchises being given the treatment. BT Games doesn’t list a release date for Jak and Daxter HD Collection, however, Sony are going to make an announcement on October 5th (tomorrow), teased in a trailer you can watch here.

No one’s clear on what the announcement is, so you can’t rule out the possibility of new games or game collections being announced.

Source: Gamesradar/BT Games



  1. Hell yes! I’ve wanted this since the first HD Collection came out.

  2. I loved Jak and Daxter. The first game was some old school platformy fun and the second and third brought some really fresh vibes to the series and new skill elements. I also really enjoyed Daxter on PSP.
    I genuinely didn’t know there was a fourth?! How did I miss that!

    I always wanted a PS3 J&D but had pretty much given up.
    I think I’d prefer a totally new game but An HD remake would be very welcome.

  3. Also, Daxter has been my PSN avatar since day one. I can’t bring myself to remove his cute little sarcastically-smiling face

  4. While HD collections are a nice way to relive the good old days or to play games you might have missed back then, I’d rather have them release new games instead of flooding the market with rereleases.

    • not everyone has played them. if the amount of exclusives Sony has released is anything to go by there doing fine on the new game side of things, ICO made the top ten people want them.

      • Not saying they are not in demand but everyone seems to be jumping on the reHD bandwagon. MGS + PSP, RE, GoW + PSP, J&D, Sly, MH PSP, DMC, ICO just from the top of my hat and I’m sure more will follow. I just hope this doesn’t become a trend for devs and publishers to cheap out on new releases. Some HD remakes still look very outdated. It makes me wonder if they even put that much effort into it or if they just want to make a fast buck.

      • + Splinter Cell :)

      • other studios mostly make them so it has no effect on the guys who made the originals. look good to me but I guess we all look at them different.

    • Yeah, but then again i’d rather have backwards compatibility..

  5. The original J&D is the best platformer I’ve ever played (right up there with Ratchet and Clanks ToD). I will definately buy this if it makes it onto the PSN. Hopefully they release them seperately though as I didn’t like the stronger focus on combat in the later games.

    • I can see your point but the taste seems to be for HD Collections so I suspect you will be disappointed.

      • What I mean is the God of War collection (along with PoP and Splinter Cell) were released both on the PSN and on Blu Ray. I’m saying hopefully they do the same for this one so I can just get the game I’m interested in, rather than paying for all 3 :)

    • Same here, really hoping they’re on PSN so i can just buy the first one.
      There’s been a distinct lack of that type of platformer this generation so it’s great news if true.

  6. Sold! The first one was brilliant in my opinion, didn’t play the others though so HD remake is on my wishlist.


    • Yeah, here I am. ;)

      I didn’t know how to tip you guys but I found out about this a couple of days ago and made a thread about it too. Personally, I really want this to happen!

      • Nice one man! You were first (Y)

  8. I’d prefer R&C HD remake ;)

  9. My next years PS2 HD collection wish-list would be –
    TimeSplitters HD collection
    J&D HD collection
    R&C HD collection
    SSX HD collection
    GT3+4 HD collection
    The Getaway HD collection
    Ape Escape HD collection
    BurnOut HD collection
    COD HD collection
    GTA HD collection
    KZ1 HD
    Taito Legends HD collection
    (that would stop me asking for PS2 playback back on a PS3…Oooops i said it again…la, la, la, la…) :D

    • As much as your list looks awesome, I can safely say a lot of those games haven’t aged as well as you would hope :(

      • Which is why a HD remake is a perfect idea for those mentioned title, I have most of those and the game play on them is as tight as a drum.

    • They could just make them PSN excluisve or something…. *facepalm* whats the point of remaking GT4..Time Spilters or even Battlefront 2… one already as a sequel and the others would be better off with sequels..

      GTA…Getaway, they could just make new games than waste money on out-dated games..

      All of them need fresh sequels really…

      • And Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance HD remake… *sighs*

    • Add Colin McRae HD collection to that list and we might finally get a decent Rally game this generation..

  10. They haven’t put a capital ‘S’ in PlayStation. Unprofessional.

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