Jak and Daxter Collection Officially Confirmed

We knew it was coming, seeing as how it had been rated, but Sony has officially announced the Jak and Daxter Collection. Hitting the PS3 in February 2012, the game features three Jak and Daxter titles – Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Jak II, and Jak 3 all in HD and 3D.

There will also be trophy support, which is bound to please many people! Check out the announcement trailer below.

Source: US PS Blog



  1. Great stuff, these are all brilliant games. Well, the first one is.

    • How very dare you, sir. The sequels were awesome.

      Already commented approximately 100 times on the EU Blog but I don’t think Big Evan’s going to reply :(

      • To me in order of awesomeness: Jak 2, Jak 3, Jak 1

      • I’m inclined to agree with you there although I did love the Spargus wasteland and desert in Jak 3

      • Jak 1 last?! What have you been smoking, Boomshanks?! Can I have some please :P

      • I played Jak 2 before Jak 1 and I felt like it was a step backwards. I much preferred Jak 2’s approach to the mission structure and really loved the world

      • Ah, I played them in order and fell in love with the originals layout. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the sequels using the brawling city and being able to drive flying cars but I thought the first one had more charm to it.

      • Fair enough but I loved the gritty environment and epic scenario set up in the sequels more than the original.

        Still, as one franchise they were (and hopefully still are) amazing.

    • I only played the first one and I thought it was awesome. This gives me a chance to play the other ones in HD goodness :) and to be honest I’m not really bothered if it has trophies. I’d be quite happy with just the game in HD. :)

  2. Woohoo! Brilliant series.

  3. I like how naughty dog themselves are getting involved in this, Evan Wells wrote the blog post. Tenth anniversary on the 4th of December, Jak 4 maybe!?

    Never got round to playing these (I actually got Uncharted based on how much I loved Crash Bandicoot for the PSOne). So is this the time to hop in?

    BTW, the dynamic duo’s debut was on ‘heroes on the move’, just sayin’ . :P

    • I have never played more than a demo either, perhaps now is the time.

  4. Yes! Really looking forward to this one. The first J&D game was one of my favourite PS2 games so I can’t wait to replay it. Hope this opens up for a Jak & Daxter 4.

  5. As somebody that’s never played them before, could you guys tell me about them? Are they worth getting?

    • They are, they’re hilarious and very fun to play, interesting stories, good mission structure, good characters, nice graphics (back then) and art styles, lovely unique guns (in 2 and 3), good combat overall, well controlled, very good length, lots to do, lots to explore, naughty dog all over really, top notch PS2 gaming.

      • Also hardcore gamer difficult and if you want to finish them 100% (or even more in Jak2) you’ll lose your hair.

        Epic series!

  6. Not really fussed about these myself, but happy for all the TSAers that have been waiting for it! Still, Trophies, HD and 3D are wicked new features :D

    • Same here. Might pick this up during a slow release season.

  7. Excellent:P

  8. A shame they didn’t whack Jak X in there as well, cracking game!

    Never really got around to finishing Jak 2 or 3, only having beaten the first so this is on my to play list.

  9. Excellent news! Loved those games, just hope a Ratchet and Clank one is in the pipeline too, those two series were my most loved and treasured on the PS2.

  10. Tell me a place to pre-order and I will put my cash right down there and then

    • Just send the money to my bank account and your pre-order is secured! :D

      • It’s about 500 pound! Crazy price I know, but what are you gonna do.

      • Man, these pre-order prices are getting a bit steep, aren’t they? I’ll get the bank transfer sorted out ASAP :-)

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