Jak And Daxter Trilogy Edition Confirmed For PS3

Whilst the last time we heard of a Jak And Daxter remake collection was via a South African games retailer, nobody really thought that Sony would let this one pass.  Remakes are all the rage, and Sony know this just as much as anyone.

Well, the so-called ‘collection’ has been rated by the USK, Germany’s ratings board, and will be called ‘Jak and Daxter Trilogy’ here in Europe.  Sony will publish, and the games will be released for PlayStation 3.


No surprises, but a nice gesture from the publisher – the Jak and Daxter games, the first in particular, were brilliant, and as we’re assuming these will be in HD and 3D, all the more reason to give the action platformers another bash.

You’ll notice there’s no ‘Racing or the PSP titles, all of which were great fun.  Perhaps there’ll be a second collection down the line…

Source: Siliconera.



  1. It’s hardly confirmed as of yet. I wouldn’t call it confirmed until Sony themselves come out and say it. I’m sure it’s coming, but still not officially confirmed.

    But hey ho.

  2. Oh yeah, so excited. Read this on IGN not too long ago.

    Apparently Ready at Dawn are handling this. If true, I’m happy about that. Capable hands in my eyes.

  3. I missed these in their early incarnations so looking forward em as not enough action/platformers to my liking

  4. Cracking.

  5. I never owned a Jak and Daxter game but my cousin did, good times! Defo buying this!

  6. YES! Thankyou thankyou thankyou! Day one! :D

  7. Much preferred J&D to R&C, so am looking forward to this, loved Precursor Legacy especially, think Sony missed the chance in publishing more J&D games to accompany R&C as unofficial mascots.

    • Too true. They had plenty of potential left in the universe for new games I’ve always been very disappointed there’s been no sign of a current gen one in the works.

      • Yeah, me too, but I’m also glad they moved on to uncharted, I hate it when franchises stay too long, they just go downhill, ratchet and clank has gone down a bit recently, tony hawks plummeted in quality. Can’t wait to see what ND do next.

    • I agree CC, but I also agree with bacon, it’s a fine line to tread that’s for sure

    • Well, they did make Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier for PS2 and PSP last year, but unfortunately without the guidance of Naughty Dog it completely lost its edge in my opinion :(

  8. I was more of a R&C PS2 person last gen. But i will get this.

  9. Never played these before so I will definately be picking this up.

    • I only briefly dabbled in the first one when I bought it off eBay shortly after finishing Uncharted 1, sadly my fat PS3 died shortly afterwards doing awway with any backwards compatibility I used to have access to.

  10. SOLD!

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