Evolution Studios Were Working On The DualShock 4 Back In 2011

MotorStorm (and the similarly CamelCased DriveClub) developers Evolution Studios worked on the DualShock 4 controller way back in 2011, it’s emerged today, with Evolution’s technical director Scott Kirkland admitting that “the control side of things has always been a really important thing for racing games” and that they “made sure that we got involved in the controller discussion very early on.”

Miyamoto famously shaped the N64 controller around Super Mario 64.

“I think this goes back to Christmas 2011,” said Kirkland. “We started working with the guys in Japan on what became the DualShock 4. We were instrumental in securing the specific gyro components that [will] go in the DualShock 4; we had prototypes that demonstrated that the really high frequency gyros were the ones that allowed us to chuck the controller around like a steering wheel, and the ones that they were considering [meant] you could get a fair degree of lag and have to rely on accelerometers to compensate for that.”

[drop2]”So we put a very compelling case forward to the guys in Japan, they listened and they’re the components that are in the DualShock 4.”

“We did a lot of work with the analogue sticks on the controller, too,” he continued. “We did a prototype using MotorStorm RC that allows you to exploit the reduced deadzone size on the controller and the more accurate sticks. It’s scary how long we’ve been involved in this – we’ve been secretive about it for so long.”

The Technical Director also said that the DualShock 4’s triggers were partly down to Guerrilla, the developers of the mainline Killzone games, although the collaboration didn’t necessarily sit right with the guys at Evolution Studios.

“There’s been a great back-and-forth between the likes of ourselves and some of the firstperson shooter guys at Guerrilla. They wanted specific things out of the triggers and, from a racing game perspective, we wanted lots of subtlety of control and to have really analogue brakes and acceleration, and so in some cases we had to reach a little bit of a compromise on that.”

“But the controller sits on the desk beautifully, it doesn’t accidentally press the triggers, [and] they’ve got really nice resistance to them.”

Source: Edge Magazine.



  1. Really looking forward to DriveClub :-)

    • I didn’t really get it, if that makes sense. They struggled to explain what the game was.

  2. “But the controller sits on the desk beautifully, it doesn’t accidentally press the triggers” … that’s music to my ears :)

    • .. .. why is something sitting nicely on a desk a good thing?

      • The older DS3 controllers have less resistance on the triggers (L2/R2) and are being pressed too easily. One of popular feedback items were the number of people who were watching a film on the PS3 and accidentally started fast-forwarding through said film because the controller was “leaning on itself” a bit after popping it down on the sofa. Something I’ve done accidentally many, many times.

  3. Good to hear that Sony used their studios to sort out the DS4 properly.

    • Western studios too.

    • Great to see the depths Sony has gone to when designing the PS4. Great for developers, great for gamers.

  4. It’s great to hear how developers were reaching compromises on design, and pitching R&D results to the Sony guys in Japan. This open collaboration and communication on something as important as hardware is really encouraging.

    • Yes it is but Sony wasn’t as open with every developer. Just Add Water’s CEO Stewart Gilray reckons he only found out it had 8GB of memory when it was announced on stage in Feb. Prior to this he says “third-parties were initially told that the console would feature only 4GB of RAM” and only “a couple of really close first-parties knew PS4 would feature 8GB”.

      • Makes sense. Stewart is a top bloke – as we know from interaction from TSA – but there’s only so many devs and folk that Sony can interact with and actually get stuff done (and on time).

  5. I’m very excited about the DS4. The design really grew on me. This year can’t pass by fast enough.

  6. Things just get better and better, really can’t wait for PS4 to be sitting under my telly.

    • Hopefully this year too. I don’t mean fiscal year too.

  7. The more I read about the PS4 etc, the more I admire Sony for really doing their research properly this time round. I really feel like Sony want this to be a fantastic system.

  8. Bizarre looking creation that the N64 controller is, it’s one of the best I’ve ever used so this developer research stance Sony have taken is great news. Not much interest in the shown games, including this, but PS4 sounds better with every passing news piece.

    • As bulky as it looks, I honestly think the Nintendo Game Cube Wave Bird controller is the best Controller I’ve ever held in my hands.

  9. According to a chap on another site there is an expansion port on the DS4. Does anyone know what it is for?

    • there’s a small port on the bottom that’s immediately next to (or part of) the headphone jack. It’s most likely a connector for the volume, mute and other chat-enabled bits of the headset that’ll probably plug in there – like the one on the 360 controller.

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