“The Evil Within” Announced, First Trailer Released

Here it is, the next game from the mind of Shinji Mikami (of Resident Evil fame).


The game is a survival horror title developed at Tango Gameworks.

It’ll be released for PS3, Xbox 360 and “next-generation consoles” in 2014.

Video via IGN.



  1. It looks like saw meets silent hill

  2. Live action trailer, not a single bit of the game. Utterly, shitstormingly, wankbuggeringly POINTLESS.

  3. I *think* the moment that… thing crawls outside the window might be in game footage, that’s about it though.

  4. Well, they’re definitely painting a picture but I’ll reserve my judgement until there’s some gameplay footage available.

  5. ……yeah, um, not my cup of tea. I’d watch the film though ;)

  6. 4 armed ring girl covered in blood. Nice

  7. Everyone was expecting Fallout 4. The entire social media world just let out an almost unified meh.

  8. My facial expression is the same as the trailer-blank.

  9. I hate it when game companys release CGI trailers for games. Like Tffcub says they are completely pointless.

  10. I just knew when IGN said they were releasing a ‘Teaser trailer’ that there would be no gameplay footage. Nobody wants that.

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