They’re Making a Ratchet & Clank Movie

If you had to make a list of videogames that you thought would be a natural fit for the Hollywood treatment, Insomniac’s duo probably wouldn’t have featured too close to the top. They’re hardly the action adventure poster boy of a Nate Drake, or even the compelling, gritty sci-fi stylings of Insomniac’s other big PlayStation success – Resistance.


But here we are, Ratchet & Clank are going to be starring in their own adventure on the big screen. It’s due for 2015 and the trailer hits the humour of the series quite on the nose, as well as managing to poke fun at the industry in general. Lovely stuff.

Source: PS Blog



  1. Halo fans must be mad lol

  2. It could be brilliant :P I hope it will be but most ‘game’ movies are cr*p :( Now bring me a PS4 Exclusive normal R&C game please Insomniac :P

  3. Well that’s unexpected, looks like they’ce actually paid attention to the games though.

    I did like “Where’s the DUBSTEP?!?”

  4. Thinking about it, this actuall makes sense. Light hearted animated movies are a big hit with the kids and they could sell a few games while they are at it.

    • yeah, the headline popped up and I was all like “naawwww” and then I thought about it for a minute and I was all like “hmmmm!”

  5. Unexpected but I thing this could lead to great things.

    Ratchet & Clank are perfect for a light-hearted animated sci fi flick. A Crack In Time is still one of my favourite games of the current generation. Top stuff.

  6. I’m still waiting for that Uncharted movie, apparently they are also making a Heavenly Sword direct-to-video film as well(at the bottom of the article):

  7. This should fair quite well as an animated movie, but not because the origins of it are on a gaming franchise :)

  8. Pretty funny trailer. Also wouldn’t of expected this but could be great! Animated films are still popular will adults never-mind the younger population!

  9. Rainmaker?
    didn’t they used to be Mainframe entertainment?
    creators of Reboot and makers of the Beast Wars and Beast Machines series?
    yeah, i’m pretty sure that’s them.

    with talent like that behind it, i could see this being very entertaining.

    mind you a lot depends on the script, but according to the blog the writer for the recent games is also writing the screenplay, so it should at least reflect the games very well.
    and the games seemed to have a decent story from what i’ve played of them.
    and the humour should be there.

    i’m still dreaming that one day, Rainmaker will bring back Reboot.

  10. That was unexpected but can see it a as a great humour movie. The 3 games I played were funny with the lines including Quark xD

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