Okay, Tesco, What’s Call of Duty Ghosts Then?

UK supermarket and one-time purveyor of horse burgers* have posted up box art for the new Call of Duty game. The only thing is, this isn’t a Call of Duty game we know about.

It’s called Call of Duty Ghosts and it looks legitimate to me, based on the similar style to several of the previous Call of Duty games. It looks like it’s only PS3 and 360 but who knows, perhaps they’ll bang their heads and think about the Wii U too. Maybe even an acknowledgement of the new consoles, when they’re allowed to mention them?


Here’s a massive picture of that box art because I’m just about to go out and don’t have time to fiddle around resizing it. You understand, right?

*Bonus joke: Man goes into Tesco cafe, asks for one of their special beef burgers. Guy serving him says “certainly, sir, would you like anything on it?” Man replies “Oh, go on then, I’ll have a fiver each way!”

Source: Tesco via AllGamesBeta



  1. Wow, makes you wonder how it is that Tesco has this & reveals it first.

    • A grave mistake, i’d assume. One that will haunt them forever.

      I’ll get my coat.

  2. Interesting.

    Is this Sledgehammer’s title?

    Surely Modern Warfare is too big a brand for IW to leave behind even if their trilogy is over which is something that has never stopped anyone else.

  3. Ghosts will be a new franchise branches off from the Modern Warfare story.
    Announcement on May 1st or possibly 2nd
    Set in the future, like Black Ops but uses current gen weaponary
    Major plot of event cause people in the future to use our current gen weapons.
    Multiplayer loading screens are dynamic, you repell from helicopters in to map, a mini game to get you in the map.
    Player movement has been changed “Dash in to sliding shooting”
    Looking round corners, changing the way you go in to prone, and you can roll. sideways when laying down.
    Spec Ops will be replaced with something new. No zombies.
    More destructable environments. More things to interact in the environment.
    Game will be on next gen as well.
    Activision will tie in the launch of the game with the Next Xbox, which means that will be out this year as well.


    • is this true?

      • Well you’ll find out on May 1st won’t you.

      • I’ve heard the stuff about sliding across the ground Far Cry 3 style – where apparently you can slide along the ground and shoot at the same time, changing up the cover mechanic. Same with the rolling, going prone and looking round corners tweaks (the latter being something you can do on PC for ages). So quite heavy rumours.

  4. don’t care about cod, but i thought the joke was funny. ^_^

    i might have to steal it. >_>

  5. New logo for Infinity Ward? Interesting, can’t wait for more info.

  6. I think both Activision and Tesco are just flogging a dead horse

  7. Okay, who was horsing around when they were meant to maintaining their site? They didn’t hoof to create a fake COD game as they could have just stuck a packet of COD or Haddock. In fact, i’ve haddock enough of this crabby puns regarding horses. You should be all ashamed of yourselfs. Now if you excuse me, i’m off to watch some prawns.

    Oh and there is no way Acti would allow Tesco to have the annoucement rights to due to supermarkets not being aimed at gamers as well as there being big media outlets. I just hope they won’t shrimp down the scale of it.

  8. I don’t get the joke…

    • “a fiver each way” is a betting term – it’s wagering £5 on a horse to finish in the top three of a race. And it’s hilarious, okay? I’m a hoot, right?

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