Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery Announced

PSN title Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery has been announced for PS3 and PS Vita.


The title is set to be an episodic adventure brimming with weird and wonderful characters and a host of brain teasing puzzles.

“Jacob isn’t one to mix with other kids, he prefers the great outdoors and the company of his parents, so spending his summer with a load of weird kids at Summer Camp isn’t exactly his idea of fun,” says the press release.

“However, when he stumbles upon the mysterious Bigfoot, his summer takes on a whole new twist.”

Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery is developed by Lucid Games and features puzzles written by some of the worlds leading puzzle authors, Sony say, as well story from the BAFTA nominated George Poles.

Source: Press Release



  1. Cute characters :)

  2. Loving the art. I just hope it will be child-like and not childish. So that I can enjoy it too.

    • With you on this one. Oodles of charm and hopefully built for us grown-up kids first and foremost. ;-)

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