PSN Web Store Now Has The Option To Auto-Download When You Turn On Your Console

We’ve spent quite a long time wishing for this function, so we were pretty pleased when it was first announced. But there was a little wait before it actually arrived. Well, now that wait is over: you can tell the Sony Entertainment Network web store that you want to automatically download content the next time your console is switched on.

As you can see from the screenshot below, taken from my own account, there are two lists – one for PS3 and one for Vita.


If you go to your own download queue, where items are added after you purchase them via the web store, you can click the links to choose items previously downloaded and add them to automatically sluice down the interpipes and into your games machine next time you switch it on. You can pick multiple items form the list and they just queue up back at the page captured above. Here’s what it looks like when you’ve picked Thomas Was Alone to download to your PlayStation 3 – as you all should.

If you then turn on your PS3 and leave it idle on the XMB for a few minutes, it’ll automatically start to grab whatever you’ve queued up. If you pick an item that can be downloaded on your PS3 or PS Vita – a cross buy title, for example – you will be shown a prompt to decide which device you want it to go to, or if you’d like it on both.

As you can see, it’s all fairly intuitive. Once you’ve selected your digital goodies, head back to the download queue screen to check they’re all waiting.

Presumably, this will work for PlayStation Plus subscribers who have their console set up to auto-check for updates and patches, too. Should be very handy, come Store update day.



  1. It seems like Sony are finally listening to the consumers & getting a lot of small yet important features set up prior to the ps4 launch. Getting quite excited about it now!

  2. Very handy. This is a nice addition.

    Well done Sony :)

  3. Excellent.

  4. Why does is say ‘Awaiting Download’ for PS3 column but ‘Waiting Download’ in the Vita column. Seems a bit of an odd mistake to make.

  5. Now to update the playstation app to let us onto the store.

  6. Ah, this is excellent. I just found out about the web store this week *shame face* I used it to download Thomas… few days ago. I was actually expecting it to auto download when I switched on my PS3, didn’t realise I had to go to the store at that point. If only I’d waited.

  7. is this what that PS3 update i had to download yesterday was about then?

    i was wondering what that was for.

    • that was just the usual system stability, apparently. No word of it actually doing anything.

  8. We started from the bottom now we here Sony

  9. That is an excellent edition for people who work, like myself. I can buy, and tell the wife to turn it on and have a download/DLC ready for when I get home.

    Well done Sony.

    • If you’ve got PS+, you could change your time to auto switch on and check for updates to the end of the working day. Then you could queue up the Store update stuff at lunchtime, when it starts going up, and it would auto download when your console switches on (is that every day or only every other day?).
      No need to hassle the wife ;)

      • Yeah that is great, but for me P+ is just not worth it. I don’t have time to play all the free great games it gives. It’s a great thing to use though.

  10. Great stuff, it’ll be far easier using a PC to navigate and find things that are can be pretty well hidden sometimes on the XMB store and so convenient. I’m guessing that if you leave the PS3 switched on in standby while you’re out then order stuff from a remote PC (work for eg.) it’ll start the downloads and not need a PS3 reboot after the orders have been placed on t’interweb.

    • Or, if you have PS+ you could change your Cloud update time to during the afternoon whilst at work and if should all be downloaded by the time you get home :)

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