Techland Announces A New Hack & Slasher – Hellraid

Hellraid sounds a bit weird. Techland has just pushed out its website for the previously unannounced game and detailed a little bit about it. It’s a hack-and-slash adventure but viewed from the first person. It’s also a co-op game for four people that sounds similar to an arena battler in that you’re taking on waves of enemies but also competing with each other.


The official website for Hellraid is a little sparse right now but it went live with a lot more than many other game announcements give us. There’s a list of the four classes – warrior, palladin, mage and rogue as you might expect – and a developer blog to read through.

The game is, apparently, playable for hundreds of hours because of its system-generated online challenges, loot drops and enemy spawn points as well as the competitive elements of the four player co-op mode.

It’s slated for release on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 but there’s no date just yet.



  1. Wow, out of nowhere.

  2. Website’s not working for me, but the logo looks… cheap. Co-op could be cool though.

  3. Palladin? Is that like, a variant of a Paladin?

  4. ‘It’s a hack-and-slash adventure…’
    Translation: I got you a date with this really great girl…

    ‘…but viewed from the first person.’
    …but she weighs 45 stone.

    ‘It’s also a co-op game…’
    And also, she has leprosy…

  5. This looks ace! Surprised you never put some of the screenshots up, people should really have a look !

  6. SOLD!
    Don’t care if I haven’t seen the gameplay or even screenshots. When a game involves a co-op then I’ll know it will be fun!
    Will look forward to hear some more details about it.

  7. I know the screenshots are probably from a high-end pc but they look feckin ace. Consider me interested.

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