Check Out Hellraid’s First Teaser Trailer

Well, this clears up a couple of questions. We reported that Hellraid was coming last week. On the surface, it’s a slightly peculiar mix. A single-player first person hack-and-slash game that can be played cooperatively and has a kind of arena mode where you’ll play co-op with friends but also compete with them.


I’ll admit that, following the announcement, I was a little unsure of what to expect from Techland’s latest. This teaser trailer looks very promising though. That first-person hack-and-slash doesn’t seem as jarring as it sounded to me originally and the game itself looks pretty nice and very enjoyable with legions of the undead to batter until their heads pop, apparently.

This is due for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 later this year.



  1. Looks alarmingly similar to Dead Island (notice the kick?)

    • …and the running animation of enemies, but then I guess it is Techland!

    • Skyrim was my first thought, but that’s probably because of the similar locations and the way you cast spells.

    • It does, fella, but that’s no bad thing. Dead Island proved that a FPS game that’s almost completely focused around mêlée combat can work.

      Hannypoppie and I were just chatting about it and she mentioned something others have too. She hoped the weapons wouldn’t feel as sluggish but that’s the point when you’re swinging this ludicrous sized axe/hammer at someone. It’s a chore. It weighs a lot! You have to start swinging half a second earlier than most mêlée games which gives you that superb feeling of connection when said weapon sinks into the body or head of the zombie you’re trying to kill and knocks it sprawling across the ground.

      Anyway… mechanics aside, count me in. Looks lovely and co-op campaign will have me ordering spare gussets from here until launch day. :-P

  2. Hmmm I prefer in 3rd Person but that doesn’t look bad actually. Also it looks fun with combined magic too.
    Looking forward to it especially co-op.

  3. hmmm looks interesting. Will keep an eye on it I reckon

  4. Could be good. Count me in.

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