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Sleeping Dogs has received a lot of praise from the TSA community (and the rest of the internet, but that doesn’t matter as much) since it released last August, yet it still sits in my ever growing PLAY THESE folder on my PS3, having only been touched once near the end of last year. So, this is your chance to get your opinion out there and convince (or not) me and the rest of the community to play this game.

Originally set to be the third instalment in the True Crime series, the game was cancelled by Activision before Square Enix brought it back to life, with everything but the name intact. Despite those issues, it seems to have sold quite well too, charting at number one in its first week.

Critics warmed to the game as well – it sits at a score of 83 on Metacritic, while Peter scored it a fantastic 8/10 in TheSixthAxis’ own review. Although he started off by calling it “a reasonably unimaginative Grand Theft Auto tribute“, he immediately went on to say that it’s actually “a really enjoyable game.”

He praised the “living backdrop” of Hong Kong, which you can see in the video above, as well as the “extra attention given to unarmed combat” which allows players to “pull off some really fantastic looking fight moves.” From what I’ve played, the combat system does seem quite impressive – there’s a lot of variety in the hand-to-hand combat, reminiscent of great Asian martial arts movies.

Peter succinctly rounded-up his thoughts on the game by saying:

Sleeping Dogs isn’t original in most of its mechanics and narrative but the little things that differ from genre staples are enough to warrant your attention. The combat system is a joy and the focus on unarmed combat, rather than firepower, is quite refreshing. Hong Kong is brought to life and while it’s not necessarily the real world of Hong Kong, it is perfect representation of the action movie setting of the island and that is much more entertaining and interesting.

So, not entirely original but completely fun – does that work for you? Whether it does or doesn’t, we’d still like to know.

All you have to do is leave a comment below with a compact review of the game. We’ll round up all of these in next week’s Verdict article and as long as you comment before Sunday afternoon you’ve got a good chance of being included in the round-up. Don’t forget to put a Buy It, Bargain Bin It, Rent It or Avoid It rating on the end.



  1. Silly, violent, sweary fun.

    Why not bargain bin it a couple of weeks before it appears on PS+ and then see what real swearing is. That’s what I did.

  2. Far to easy I didn’t once feel challenged in the game it’s missions where repetitive that been said the combat and free roam aspects of the game where enough to make it quite enjoyable! I would say Rent It.

  3. Yeah, it’s alright. Some more variety in side missions and further development of important characters like the mob bosses and the police would’ve been nice, but overall very fun with some fantastic combat and driving.

  4. I haven’t bothered to play much of the missions. The Melee combat is cool, can’t say the same with the shooting and driving. Problem is…. (and its even the same on Saints Row 3) Is that the driving and shooting isn’t exciting.
    I wouldn’t really say to avoid it though. I think the GTA games are better even if GTA IV is a bit lacking. It has a nice ragdoll and car physics which I like. Sleeping Dogs sadly doesn’t. It doesn’t feel right.

    Bargain bin it.

  5. I originally bought on disc about 2 wks b4 ps+ gave it away. First week its all i could play. 2nd week not so much. I go back to it every so often. With other games pushing their way in its hard to focus on one game. I would say buy it at a decent price. If you got it through ps+ defo play it.

  6. A refreshing and unexpected gem. Buy it!

  7. The very definition of a slow burner. The game starts out very slowly but after an hour or so you are playing one of the best open world games this generation. Absolutely fantastic game. Buy It.

  8. Sleeping dogs was pretty good but theres nothing really to do outside the main missions just like other open worlds fail at.

    Story is fantastic but feels so under cooked. It should have been a choose your own path story instead of having to do both good and evil storyline.

    Combat was excellent but not as good as the Batman games.

    The game was decent if not wasted potential. Anyone who says GTA V has alot to live up to is crazy. GTA V having a jet to fly instantly makes it better than Sleeping dogs.

    I honestly think Sleeping dogs feels very last gen after replaying GTA IV afterwards.

    • “GTA V having a jet to fly instantly makes it better than Sleeping dogs. ”

      Yeah, right. Because all a good game needs is a jet. *rolls eyes*

      Just to clarify what i am saying here, you could have all the jets you want in GTA V & it could still turn out the biggest load of pants since M&S last took a delivery.

      Oh & just to point out, the whole point of the story was the blurring between him being a cop & wanting/needing to do the right thing, but being sucked into the underworld at the same time. A choice simply wouldn’t have worked with what they were trying to portray with the story.

  9. Sleeping Dogs may have taken inspiration from GTA but it’s in a whole different league. I tried to play GTA IV again recently and couldn’t believe how dull and cumbersome it was. Sleeping Dogs is the exact opposite. Completed the game 100% and loved every minute of it. Buy it.

  10. It’s kung-fu GTA, we’re talking proper Chinatown Wars, with fisticuffs and car-jumping. You can even mow down pedestrians with your cars door!

    At todays price it’s a no-brainer, Buy it.

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