Sony Stock Price Jumps 8% Following Xbox One Event

The Xbox One event has just wrapped up in Redmond, and we’ll have a full round shortly.

However, following the conference Sony’s stock price has jumped 8%, while Microsoft’s has fallen by around 0.2%, which doesn’t really look like the reaction Microsoft were hoping for.


The upper hand

This change could be an indication that investors think that Sony have the upper hand in the build up to the launch of the next generation of both company’s hardware and were disappointed by what Microsoft had to show of the Xbox One.

While Microsoft have shown that the Xbox One is a technically impressive machine, their lack of focus on games may be dissuading investors, as well as their media centric approach today.

Of course this reaction could all switch by the time E3 rolls round, where both companies will be doing their utmost to impress.



  1. dang. O_O

    i guess the focus on non gaming stuff, maybe wasn’t the wisest choice then.

    • But they might be saving more gamer centric announcements for E3…

      Although I agree it feels like a home theater that plays games rather than a console that does a bit of home theater. Whereas Sony really focused on the games and showing that this time they have been more in tune with what developers want from them. Rather than dictating to the developers…

  2. Haha #DealWithIt

  3. That was the worst thing I seen being revealed. Why are they pushing tv to people & also it seemed catered to Americans only.

    If I was Sony I would just reveal the console now.

    • Yeah, I didn’t quite get that. Might have been better doing something with UEFA or FIFA.

    • Microsoft are very US centric in terms of bias.

      Although Xbox one will do well in the US – rest of world will be on Sony.

      • Agreed. Their MS marketing team need to be shown a globe…sharpish ha :-)

  4. Just watching Gamestops share price as the new about pre-owned games on Xbox One filters out… guess which way it’s going..

  5. Seriously. Sony has got this in the bag :-)))))) – Nothing there that made me consider buying one. To me that felt as though the choices for their new console were half baked and rushed. Playstation always gives you more whilst being completely focused on games (which is why we’re all here, for the games). This has confirmed why I’m a playstationist and it looks like I always shall be :-)

    • I second that young squire. they havent offered much uo that we cant do already with our current sky/ps3 combo…. and you can talk to it….meh

    • I third it, Sony will be very happy.

  6. The charge to unlock disc based games seems like one step too many. It also explains why their new strategic partner, EA, dropped the Online pass. No need for it in a world where DRM is king.

  7. Wow! I did not expect that. Cripes.

  8. I know exactly why this has happened – look at the spec sheet and you’ll see that the Xbox CPU is being built by Microsoft – look what happened the last time MS built their own chip to go in a console….

    (How much did all those RROD’s cost MS in the end? $3bn in replacements was it before they got AMD on board to make them a proper graphics chip?)

  9. Same happened with the presentation of PS4 when Nintendo stock price went up too, really doesnt mean anything so early.

    The presentation was, however, terrible in so many ways.

    PS4 it is, then.

  10. I’m not surprised. They showed an awful box design, too much focus on TV and more of the same with CoD and EA Sports exclusives. Granted the UI, voice command, multi-tasking and new Kinect look good but I’m not sure that’s enough. I guess we have to wait until E3 for the full reveals.

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