Play To Win With TSA E3 Bingo 2013

Well, it’s June again which can only mean that we’re coming up to E3 and if it’s coming up to E3 it means TSA is getting ready to play some E3 Bingo! This is the 5th year we’ve been playing E3 Bingo and after a fantastic 4 years being run by Greg, this year the community team have taken it on. As a result of this collaborative approach, you might expect some slightly more unusual options in the list this year.

So what’s E3 Bingo? Well E3 kicks off on the 11th June running until the 13th. In that time you can expect press conferences (starting on the 10th) from the major publishers such as Sony, Microsoft, EA and Ubisoft. We have a list of options below that we reckon could happen during E3 in those conferences plus some miscellaneous ones too. This year we have an even bigger selection to choose from with a slight twist.

The different options have been given points roughly depending on what we think is their likelihood of happening. If the option is very likely to happen then it will only be worth one point. If it’s very unlikely, then it will be worth four points. This means you can be tactical with your voting. You can go a safe and easy route picking the most likely options or you can take a risk and choose an option that’s worth more points. It’s up to you. The list is already a couple of days old so there are already one or two options on there that eagle-eyed rumour-readers might have spotted as easy targets (or unintentional tricks!).

When we tally the winner, we’ll send them a new game of their choice (standard release, UK version – and it might be a few days after release to allow for postage!). We’ll also pick one complete entry at random and send them a similar prize. In addition, the winner will get a snazzy custom tag to go next to their name in the comments section. As always with our competitions, our decision is final (just in case some options are debatable) and our usual T&Cs apply.

The Rules

You must pick 12 options from the list below. Please don’t duplicate your choices, only the first instance will be counted. You must be a TSA member to enter and only your first entry will be accepted so be sure you’ve got them all filled in correctly before you hit submit. Your entry must be in by 11:59pm BST on Sunday 9th Juneany entries after this won’t be counted.

Points system/weighting shown in [brackets]

[gravityforms id=12]

This list was created by the community team. Front page photo from wikimedia



  1. Even more excited for E3 now!

  2. Hats off for 51/52 – so tempted to pick them just for the comedy value.

    Good luck all!

  3. The last two years I’ve been really crap at this, third time lucky.

  4. Brilliant! I totally forgot about this

  5. I’ve sucked at this the last two years… I’d love to have a custom tag, though!

  6. First time at this, submitted my best choices. I love 51, it would be fantastic if it actually happened but civility comes to mind.

  7. Yay, got to love some TSA bingo :D

  8. Job Done! I’ve missed this every year somehow.

  9. 51 & 52 … um… was I drinking when I wrote those? I just wanted something so spectacular that it’d break the world as we know it. :-)

    • Ooo, huge thanks to Gazza for starting this awesome list and Adam for getting it into some sort of semi-decent format for a public outing. :-)

      • If feel bad for getting it started and then ditching it over the weekend as I didn’t have internet! I was going to do it in Google docs so it’s probably better Adam did it anyway

      • It was Peter who went to the huge effort to get it into that form!

    • Oh right, thanks Peter then!

  10. Would anyone be able to check that my entry went through properly? My ever so wonderful internet decided to cut out as I submitted my choices, and although it does say “Thank for taking part, good luck!”, I just want to be sure. Cheers!

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