Telltale Games Teasing The Walking Dead Season Two

Telltale have uploaded a clip on Vine which seems to be teasing the next season of The Walking Dead game. Though the clip is short there are some clues as to what the next season could be about. The first part shows a two different pictures of people.

One is wearing a t-shirt with TTG, so it could just be a Telltale Games staff member, but the other picture is of a woman, who looks a bit like Christa from season one. Under the picture is a sign that references a shelter, though what kind of shelter it could be is unknown.


The main focus on the clip however seems to be the picture of a character called Vince, which is taped to the board by a further unknown character. It could be that Vince may be one of the main characters of Season 2 or a person that someone will be searching for.

I’m sure we’ll get a much clearer update from Telltale soon but what are your theories?



  1. Hard to tell at this point but I’m going with ‘smarter than average serial killer zombie hanging pictures of his victims on a wall’.

  2. I loved the game but teasers like this? Meh. Double meh.

  3. My theory is that nobody who loves the Walking Dead can wait for this to come out :P

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