Telltale’s The Walking Dead PS4 & Xbox One Release Dates Announced

Telltale has confirmed that its The Walking Dead series will be releasing on PS4 and Xbox One in October. Specifically North American audiences will receive the first season on October 14th, with Season Two following on October 21st. The European audience will be able to purchase the game on either console from October 24th. Vita owners who are waiting for Season Two to release will have to wait until November 4th.

While I find The Walking Dead game to be very good I do wonder how many people are still yet to play it, or how many will double dip and purchase the seasons again on the new consoles. That period of the year is notoriously busy, and loads of games will be vying for the attention of buyers, so we’ll see how successful this release is. Telltale are also working on Tales From The Borderlands and Game Of Thrones, with the latter title something I’m more interested in seeing.

Source: IGN



  1. I assume it wasn’t too tricky to bring it across or it simply wouldn’t have been done. Fingers crossed they don’t lose any money on this one.

  2. I’m getting TWD on Ps4 as I want to carry on the adventures on Ps4 from now on. It is a very good series with entertaining story. Also it is a very easy plat.

  3. I’ll be buying it again. Mainly because it means I have an excuse to play the whole story again with different choices to see a different outcome.

    The easy plat helps too :-P

  4. I’ve already played most of this but will still buy again as there’s simply nothing else quite like this series. Its probably the most emotionally powerfull game i’ve ever played, especially the first series. Only game thats ever brought me close to tears

  5. I just hope it’s not a lazy port, there should be some improvements to the occasional lag, it’s not the sort of game that I would expect to have to cope with lots of things (there aren’t 32 different players running & gunning about).

    Will probably pick up The Wolf Among Us again when that’s released, but not TWD.

    It does mean I definitely won’t buy any more of their games digitally, as all of their games have now been given a physical release – even the Vita!!

  6. I still need to play these.

  7. Fantastic news. I played Series 1 on PS3 and waited for Series 2 until the next gen release. Cannot wait to get started.

  8. I bet it pauses mid……………. sentence and glitches all over the place still, even on next-gen

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