F2P Dragon’s Dogma Coming To PS Vita

This Autumn Capcom will be a launching a free-to-play title exclusive to PlayStation Vita.

Dragon’s Dogma Quest is reported to be an online-only 2D RPG, set in the same universe as last year’s epic open-world adventure. Players will be able to command their characters in battle and, by completing the game’s array of jobs, gain levels to develop their skills.


Parties can carry a maximum of four “Pawns” though fighting alongside a friend will boost this count to eight. Though not touched upon in the initial report, it’s likely that players will also have access to multiple class-types including fighters, rogues, and spellcasters.

Quests’ central focus is to deliver on-the-fly RPG gameplay that’s perfect in quick bursts. As a free-to-play title, Capcom will no doubt be pushing micro-transactions or maybe even a premium subscription to unlock elite equipment and additional content.

The publisher has yet to confirm a Western release.



  1. Hmm, i wonder if it takes place during the first Dragon war? I can’t see everyone being Arisen working due to the Dragon only choosing a few people untill it’s death or it goes away from Gransys. But the the world of DD hasn’t really been fleshed out that much so there is a lot of room for new stuff. That said, i would have prefered a second game then an online RPG. I hope they will not turn the franchise into an online F2P RPG only as i would love a second game, with more lore and a more engaging plot as well as there being more things to do. Can see Capcom selling powerful spells, high level weapons and armour as mircotransactions. :(

    • Capcom aren’t that bad :p (Yet…)

  2. it’s a shame it’s not going to be a version of the main game for Vita, but who knows, this could be good.

    an online only 2d rpg doesn’t really tell much about what the game will be like though.

    will it be like the classic Final Fantasys or something like that flash based rpg you can play online, Adventure Quest.

    some screenshots would help.
    hopefully they’ll put some out for E3.

    i don’t mind F2P, done well you can actually play and enjoy the game for free.
    obviously they have to balance the game so that it can be enjoyed without paying but they have to make sure you can get more out of it if you do, they have to make money after, all without unbalancing it.

    i’ll be following this one, might be something i’d play once i do get a Vita.

    though by then i’ll probably have a dozen or more plus games waiting for me. ^_^

  3. Sounds interesting. I’ll keep an eye on this.

  4. Sick of reading the phrase free-to-play already, lol.

  5. Awesome :) I love Dragon’s Dogma and the new Dark Arisen expansion, so this is great news.
    I actually don’t think there’ll be “elite equipment” for sale, if it’s anything like the original Dragon’s Dogma DLCs. The stuff you could buy there often had some unique features, like weapons with the ability to inflict debilitations, but with lowered stats as a trade-off and thus not over-powered.
    Hopefully you can import your arisen and pawn from the main game :)

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