Forza 5 Teased With In-Game Footage

With only a little over 24 hours until Microsoft’s E3 conference, a new teaser trailer for Forza Motorsport 5 has just been released, consisting of entirely in-game footage.

It might only be twenty seconds long but it’s definitely enough to drum up hype for a full reveal tomorrow. It looks fantastic – Forza has always strived for realism with the visuals and the extra power of the Xbox One could create the best looking virtual cars yet.

We’re ready and waiting at the metaphorical starting line for Microsoft’s conference at 5.30pm tomorrow and we can’t wait to see more of this.

Source: YouTube



  1. Nearly looks as good as GT6 on PS3 LoL:D

  2. Looks pretty but its not exciting me massively. It definitely will be a solid release but until I see anything new gameplay wise I’m mostly intrigued by the new IP in Drive Club.

  3. Wow that was brief. In not too interested in what MS so any way Ps4 day 1 for me, in not saying that as fanboy as it’s not welcome on here.
    Anyway I’ll be watching their conference tomorrow afternoon and maybe Sonys later if I stay awake. Maybe…

  4. Game looks pretty, a shame that is in that doomed console.

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