Dead Rising 3 Announced Exclusively for Xbox One

Los Peridos, California and it’s three days into the worldwide outbreak in Capcom’s Dead Rising 3, another Xbox One exclusive. Yup, it’s another zombie game, but continuing on with Dead Rising’s on-the-fly zombie combat.

There’s a big open world city with no load times, but also filled with the density of a real city… oh, and lots and lots and lots of zombies.


Our car mechanic protagonist, Nick Ramos, brings with him weapon customisation comes back showing off a pistol and flashlight combo, whilst flares act as a nifty distraction to get out of a tight spot. Hand to hand also features quite heavily with all sorts of combos and special attacks. It all looks like it will be a lot of fun for fans of the first two.

Oh, and Smart Glass comes into play for calling in artillery support, to clear a particularly tricky section.

Dead Rising 3 is set for a holiday release, this year.



  1. The demo was nice, but it doesn’t look anything like Dead Rising, which has always been about fun and not being to serious, which made it work and stand out from the many Zombie games. If they went with the “realistic style”, I’m not bummed out this a a timed (properly) exclusive for xbone.

    • I thought that it looked fun and didn’t take it’s self to serious like the previous 2.

      • Maybe it was the colours, but it seemed very gritty to me. I guess I have to see some more trailers :)

  2. Personally I quite like the slightly more serious tone.
    DR1 was quirky but still a reasonable game, whereas DR2 was a little too silly for my tastes. Glad to see they haven’t done a “saints row” and kept their series reasonably grounded.

  3. I couldn’t stand the second one, my first ever trade in. I like the idea but hated the controls, characters and quests.

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