Dead Rising 3 Is Set To Continue The After Party On PC

Capcom has confirmed that Xbox One launch title Dead Rising 3 will be releasing on PC this summer, and the publisher has used a rather bonkers trailer of in game footage to make that announcement. The trailer showcases a whole host of wardrobe changes as protagonist Nick Ramos wears shirts, dresses, and various head wear while mowing down zombies. It’s not the first Dead Rising to head to the PC, with Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off The Record available on the format, but it still a major jump in terms of exclusivity.


Capcom has also stated that Dead Rising 3 on PC will have upgraded textures on character and object models, as well as the scenery. The game will release on Steam with support for trading cards, achievements and the cloud. There’s no mention of whether Steam Workshop support will also be available for the game though. There will be leaderboards and you can choose to play via controller or mouse and keyboard.

Source: Youtube



  1. Do we know that this will never be coming to PS4? It’s the only xboxone game I’m really interested in

    • Nothing known so far. I hope it will and I’m counting on it, or else Capcom has just lost the PlayStation userbase for this franchise.

    • Pretty sure it’s only ever gonna be XB1

  2. I would like this too on PS4. I think a few companies are kicking themselves that they went for Xbone exclusivity this gen……

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