Video: Steamrolling The Hordes With Dead Rising 3’s PC Release

Having been one of the exclusive launch titles on the Xbox One, Dead Rising 3 clawed its way onto the PC last week. While it was a bundle of nonsensical fun, it was also running at just 720p30 on the XBO, so with PC gamers able to build computers with vastly more powerful components than feature in the latest consoles, does this help the game push on to great new heights?



  1. Looks like good fun, and the world looks varied and vast.

    Hope this might come to PS at some point as with Dead Rising 2.

    • Tef and I have been having a blast with it (which you can see at the end of the video). Excuse me screaming like a girl! :D

  2. I was put off by the demo , i thought I was playing last gen again. Same goes for Zoo tycoon.

    And doesnt the highest PC quality setting equal the xbox one quality setting? Apart from res and framerate obviously.

    • I believe it does, yes. Everything tops out at where the Xbox One version was aside from being able to up the game’s internal resolution and being able to push the anisotropic filtering for textures beyond 4x. Beyond that, model detail etc. etc. is all identical.

  3. lazy port

    • It’s not the laziest but it smacks of it in parts. However, thankfully, the port doesn’t actually affect the gameplay – which is still top-notch.

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