New Mirror’s Edge Confirmed

Mirror’s Edge has been announced and the rumours that it was to be an Xbox exclusive, Faith-less Kinect game seem to have been unfounded. The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed there is no 2 on the end of the title.

Sara Jansson, Senior Producer on Mirror’s Edge has posted a short blog on the official site.

“Like so many fans I fell in love with the original Mirror’s Edge. I think it’s because it did things in a brave new way from the first-person parkour inspired movement in a vertical environment to the unique art direction; all of this based in at stark dystopian setting that still feels too close for comfort.

“But perhaps the strongest element in Mirror’s Edge is its iconic heroine, Faith. In 2008, I was one of the millions of fans who connected with Faith. Today, I feel privileged to be leading the charge on a new Mirror’s Edge featuring one of gaming’s most inspiring and true heroines.”

The game is in the very early stages of development and will be an origin story be set before the first title, the video shows Faith getting some of her iconic tattoos.

The game will be released for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.



  1. Can’t contain how excited I am. Best E3 ever and I’m deadly serious. Everyone else can home now. This is the only news I wanted.

  2. Has it been confirmed as a prequel, or is that just inferring it from the vid of Faith getting her tattoos?
    Either way I’m excited for it, I just hope it’s not as linear. Open world with multiple routes, plus some form of co-op or MP and it would be utterly amazing.

    • Didn’t EA say a long time ago that all their games would shift with some form of multiplayer? How awesome would it be to race across a friend over the roof tops taking different routes, running from the police etc…

      • Even if they didn’t do that, they should add in ghost races. They had leaderboards in Mirrors Edge, but racing against a friends ghost – or preferably actually racing against friends – would be awesome.

    • Confirmed as origins story

  3. YES! Can’t believe how happy this made me, i’m still punching the air now! Strange that there was no mention of platforms but i’m assuming both PS4 and X1. YES!

  4. ‘Ready when it’s done’ could mean a year or more away still.

  5. I’m crying ;_;

  6. i just hope this one doesn’t give me motion sickness like the first one did.

    great game, but i just can’t face playing it because it makes me feel so nauseous.

  7. Finally…! Very much looking forward to this. And, of course, happy it is on PS4…! :o)

  8. Between this and Battlefront, this is already my favourite E3 since the Uncharted 2 gameplay demo in 2009.

    • Battlefield looked stunning and to top it of there is a new Mirrors Edge due! E3 has been good to gamers this year!

  9. Haha I might have to finish the first one now, it’s been sitting half finished in my pile of shame for years.

    The trailer looked very promising, coop would actually be great here.

  10. It’s so good to have it officially announced. I wonder when it’ll be done?

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