PlayStation 4 Will Be Available for £349

Sony have done it – they’ve managed to undercut Microsoft by releasing the PlayStation 4 for just £349 at launch. That’s $399 and 399 Euros – a brilliant price for what looks to be the best gaming experience yet.

They didn’t confirm a release date, however – it’s still in that grey area of Holiday 2013 but at this rate it looks like Microsoft have a lot to do to ship more units than Sony.

This comes on the back of it not having to be always online, not blocking used games and a plethora of other announcements. Just brilliant.



  1. Hook, line and the proverbial sinker. Well done Sony, great stuff!

  2. Tretton was loving the response he got.

  3. Absolute slaughter. More brutal than Game of Thrones recently.

    Well played Sony. You won.

  4. So is this just one SKU?? Sure glad I pre-ordered mine in February! I really hope all this positivity turns into a huge sales lead next gen! With the policies MS have put in place they deserve a good kicking!

  5. Meant may have, not but. Please excuse the grammar. However, Sony have blown up MS. Jack dropped it with those heavyweight announcements! The crowd went nuts, and so they should. It’s not about screwing gamers with crappy ownership nonsense, restrictions and the like. Sony have clearly learnt and listened from their PS3 debacle. Just make sure it releases on time, please. :)

  6. Dear santa, a quick note, just decided the wife’s getting a PS4 for her xmas. sure she’ll be thrilled.

  7. Sold and sold!

  8. BOUGHT!

  9. Beautiful machine and brilliant E3 with a good bit of humor an fun poking thrown in, gotta love sony i feel a pre order coming on :)

  10. Very smartly priced, not even Halo is worth the £80 difference.

    With the features, games and price I can see Sony attracting a large number of xbox 360 owners, that previously might not have considered buying a PS4

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