PlayStation 4 Will Be Available for £349

Sony have done it – they’ve managed to undercut Microsoft by releasing the PlayStation 4 for just £349 at launch. That’s $399 and 399 Euros – a brilliant price for what looks to be the best gaming experience yet.

They didn’t confirm a release date, however – it’s still in that grey area of Holiday 2013 but at this rate it looks like Microsoft have a lot to do to ship more units than Sony.

This comes on the back of it not having to be always online, not blocking used games and a plethora of other announcements. Just brilliant.



  1. great stuff buzzing

  2. SHOCKING!!! LoL:D I was worried last night at seeing the X1 at £429 UK price but this is AMAZING!!! :P All SONY need to do now is get as many in Shops ASAP!!! ;)

  3. Just read on the BBC news site that apparently the X1 has a stronger software line up at launch. REALLY?? I do get a feeling of Xbox bias from mainstream press. Don’t think there’s any doubt Sony just gave MS a good kicking all round! Anyone believe the X1 has the better launch line up??

    • No.

    • No, you also have to consider Microsoft blew their wad with announcements. Sony still has Gamescon & Tokyo, which they traditionally announce games coming from those regions. Microsoft barely acknowledge those conventions.

    • No, not really. Although it did have a couple of titles I would have liked to see on the PS4, namely Ryse: Son of Rome and The new Forza.
      Forza of course was a given, but it did look nice and I liked the driving profile idea but oh well.
      Although Ryse: Son of Rome seemed scripted it did seem like fun as well, but I won’t buy the X1 just for that.

  4. Microsoft stocks must have just bombed. Well done Sony. Very well played!

  5. Yes! Thank you Sony. Just pre-ordered my ps4 at Amazon.

  6. Seattle flooded by MS tears.
    We love Sony :-)

  7. So happy,Sony nailed it. I shall be pre ordering later today!

  8. I was fist pumping when they announced that price with a US and EU launch this year. Amazing price for such a great system and Microsoft have shot themselves in the foot by having so sell a 100$ Kinect with every system. That entry price will kill them with Sony undercutting them by 100$.

  9. Add a PS+ membership of £30-40 and it still undercuts the Xbox One.

    Fantastic news. Means I can spend the excess cash on more PS4 games. If not, at least I can always borrow them from my mates.

    What, too soon?

  10. 399€? Doesn’t look that way in Norway. The online stores in Norway has lowered the cost of PS4. But only to somewhere around 588€, while the X1 is around 654€. Fingers crossed that they will lower it further for the PS4, don’t care about the X1.

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