PlayStation 4 Will Be Available for £349

Sony have done it – they’ve managed to undercut Microsoft by releasing the PlayStation 4 for just £349 at launch. That’s $399 and 399 Euros – a brilliant price for what looks to be the best gaming experience yet.

They didn’t confirm a release date, however – it’s still in that grey area of Holiday 2013 but at this rate it looks like Microsoft have a lot to do to ship more units than Sony.

This comes on the back of it not having to be always online, not blocking used games and a plethora of other announcements. Just brilliant.



  1. Flawless Victory!!! Day one :-))))

  2. I think I might even buy two

  3. Greatness awaits.

  4. Choice made….Sony supported reason (used games and no online checks) and then sold me at £349….well done Sony !!!!

  5. Going to start saving now….. (Goes to bank and takes out £400)
    Done now we wait…… xD

  6. I think the prices rock, i actually can’t believe it but how does $399 equate to €399?

    • Well, the Euro and Dollar and far off 1:1 (currently 1.33:1) but don’t forget about sales tax over in the US. They never show that on prices until you’re about to pay for the item. It varies from state-to-state but can really be quite the stinger.

      However, it also might be as simple as shipping too. Shipping to different parts of the world costs varying amounts and that might account for 5% difference too. With both of those in mind, they’re not a million miles off. Although, it always stings a bit in Europe (and the UK) when it comes to conversions.

  7. Game, Set and Match to Sony. :D

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