PlayStation 4 Will Be Available for £349

Sony have done it – they’ve managed to undercut Microsoft by releasing the PlayStation 4 for just £349 at launch. That’s $399 and 399 Euros – a brilliant price for what looks to be the best gaming experience yet.

They didn’t confirm a release date, however – it’s still in that grey area of Holiday 2013 but at this rate it looks like Microsoft have a lot to do to ship more units than Sony.

This comes on the back of it not having to be always online, not blocking used games and a plethora of other announcements. Just brilliant.



  1. I was in 2 minds wether i was going next gen or not but PS4 is being pre-ordered asap

  2. BOOM!

  3. That was an absolute mauling on all fronts. Brilliant stuff.

  4. Microsoft just got a little bit dicked on, didn’t they?

  5. So pleased with this and completely surprised by it!


    • Where the hell is the recommend button.


  7. Awesome – ps plus for online = still awesome.
    I am so tired thanks a lot sony

    • Agreed, I was actually expecting PS plus for online requirement since it makes sense in a business perspective.

  8. Sony just pissed all over MS parade! woah!

  9. The game but have just finished; before it even began. PS4 Xmas No.1

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