Santa Monica and ReadyAtDawn Developing The Order 1886 For PS4

Sony have unveiled their first new PS4 title at their conference tonight with the previously leaked title The Order 1886. It is being developed by Santa Monica and ReadyAtDawn. The game is set in an alternated version of London, which has a very steampunk vibe with airships and monorails as well as walkie talkies.

The trailer showed a group travelling through London by stagecoach before they were attacked by something. There are definitely monsters involved. We think they could have been werewolves. The protagonist appears to be called Gallahad, and I think I heard the name Lafayette too.

Overall it looked incredible, though a release date was not announced.



  1. Would loved to of seen some gameplay, but even so this trailer looked great.

  2. Loved it, I’m sure this will be another great one to play.

  3. Not sure we need yet more guns, guns, guns, but at least the setting is interesting and they can hopefully do a lot of cool stuff with it.

    Looks good.

  4. this looks brilliant

  5. colour me interested

  6. From PSP to PS4, good job. I think maybe they’re taking the weapons a bit to far, but I’m liking the overall setting.

  7. This is one title that I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on.

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