PlayStation Store Update: 12th June

Everyone is away at the moment leaving me to do the store update, so I get to do what I want, starting with some music because let’s face it, everything is always better with ’90s Italo House.


So on to the store and it’s E3 sale day! Woo! There are some bargains to be had including Auditorium HD for just 79p and the original Killzone (HD version) for £5.99 with an extra 70p of for those with PS Plus. Just about everything Batman, Killzone and InFamous related is also reduced, poke this link for the full list.

The big PS3 game this week is The Last Of Us, hahaha! Geddit? Cos it’s 35 gigs! Oh please yourselves. For some reason the digital version is only listed for Germany, no download option for the U.K. it seems, although that’s likely to be fixed shortly.

There is free to play chop-socky action from Tekken Revolution – unless you live in Germany where you have to pay for the game – discounted lady sword fun with Final Fantasy XIII-2 and the Carnivores Bundle which sadly consist of games rather than burgers and steaks.

Just one demo to tickle your joypad this week, the impossibly named Hatsune Miku Project Diva F which is a Japanese rhythm game.

Those wanting DLC are spoilt for choice: God Of War: Ascension, GRID 2, Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory, Injustice: Gods Among Us, Metro: Last Light, Resident Evil Revelations, Sing Star, Deadly Premonition: Directors Cut and Aliens: Colonial Marines are all served.

Most things seem to be up on the store so why not go have a look for yourselves, that way I don’t have to find links for all that damn DLC.




  1. Seeing as how I was able to preorder the digital version of The Last of Us I would hope I’m able to download it at some point.

  2. Good stuff to Tuffcub, I’m going to select a dance track from 1988-1995 to listen to for each article I read for the remainder of the day.

  3. Have I missed something, I can’t find Tekken Revolution anywhere but Xcom, Uncharted 3 (single player only) and Little Big Planet Karting are all free on PS Plus.

    • Sorry, just found it, 4 free games woooo.

  4. Numero Uno?

    You realise the number One is a fairly controversial topic at present? :)

  5. Probs get Auditorium for 79p, but that’s about it.

  6. Some lovely stuff there, mainly the free bits.

    May pick up Killzone HD though.

  7. Lego Batman 2 for less than 11 quid, dang you sony, dang you to hell.
    i’m trying to save money not spend it. >_<

    oh, what to do. o_O

    might give Tekken a try.

  8. listening to the music and reading the article at the same time is more enjoyable than i thought it would be! =D

  9. I’ll have to top up my wallet just to pick up KZ HD as that’s the discount i was waiting for!

    • Took advantage of this last week. Just waiting for a Mass Effect offer now, although don’t think I have the spare 10gb on the hdd for it. Need to upgrade again. Can you get bigger than 500gb ones now? That was the maximum when I last upgraded it.

      • Think its up to 1.5TB now

      • I didn’t see KZ HD offer last week. I’ve installed 1Tb in my PS3 btw so it is possible.

      • Cheers fellas. Will investigate!

  10. Love the idea of ’90s house music to go along with reading articles… I think you should propose this for all articles Tuffcub….

    • Hear, hear. Any italo disco will do. Or some of Tuffs own productions.

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