PS4 Teaser Was The Most Viewed YouTube Clip In May

That cleverly shot blurry black box zooming in, interspersed with close-ups of various bits of the actual hardware? That thing that didn’t really show the PS4 but hinted that we’d probably see it at E3? The most viewed video on YouTube in the UK last month, apparently.

7.6 million views, which is some going, and beat the likes of Call of Duty’s “Masked Warriors” clip here in the UK, and something for Specsavers, which didn’t come anywhere near Sony’s viral effort.

The rankings, according to Marketing Week, are determined “using some of YouTube’s measures of viewer choice – number of views within the country, view rate (how much an ad people choose to watch), and percentage of organic views versus paid views.”

Via Marketing Week.



  1. I just watched it again! and i know what the console looks like!

  2. Well i watched it 1 million times LoL:D

    So erm at 12/13 seconds into that Video what is the round’ish thing then??? Can’t see that on the PS4 or is it from the Cam??? Hmm

    • I was wondering the same, I don’t think those bits are on the controller either. Could it be the end of the camera?

    • i’ve been wondering that since e3.
      i looked on that 3d PS3 model posted a few days ago and i couldn’t see anything like that.
      unless it’s really tiny, i don’t think it’s part of the PS4 console itself.

      the PS4 doesn’t have a separate power brick does it?

      • No im pretty sure i read somewhere that the PS4 dosn’t have a power brick,as for the circular thing,it looks like a vent for a fan to me could it actually be from inside the console,if not i’d say most likely off the PS Eye.

      • No power brick mate, it’s a total mystery! The only round thing I can’t find a clear picture of is the ear piece, could it be that?

    • I’m pretty sure it’s part of the headset.

      • Ah yes it could be the ear piece to the mic good thinking JM.

  3. It’s not a surprise that it got that many views as PS4 is hot news since before E3.

  4. That blue strip light looks really cool, a nice strobe moving up down or left to right if it was vertical standing would be even better, “PS4 on” “BY YOUR COMMAND!”

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