Potential New PS3 Models Incoming

Not everyone loves the form and design of the latest PS3 model – although I did when I reviewed it back in 2012 – but it looks like Sony are continuing to refine the so-called ‘super slim’ console for two more upcoming models.


Picked up by Kotaku, Sony have filed for certification for two new re-releases of the PS3, with codes CECH-4205B and CECH-4205C.

It’s not clear what the differences are between the 42- range and the current 40- range, and they could be just something for South Korea (where the filings are made) but there’s also the chance that Sony have found further cost-cutting measures.

Sony UK boss Fergal Gara recently said that the current-gen PS3 console wouldn’t see a price cut. “There’s no plans as yet,” he said. “The PlayStation 3 is a system where it hasn’t been particularly easy to get the costs down.”

Of course, with the console still shifting and a few high profile games (Beyond, GT6) still to roll out, he’s hardly likely to announce a big cut – look for Gamescom for that.

Sony’s successor to the PS3, the PS4, is expected around the middle of November, although Sony Europe told TheSixthAxis yesterday that any recent promotional material is “pure speculation”.



  1. Maybe its a re design so it looks more like the ps4 ,like MS have done with the redesigned 360 so it looks like the one.

    • If they could design it so it looked like a thin black slab to sit under the PS4. Imagine that swept back parallelogram over three levels. It would be awesome….!

      • This would look good I reckon. Would definitely consider picking it up then. Would be nice if you could run it through the PS4 as well and have a PS3/4 combo.

      • This is such a good idea!

      • That is a an awesome idea. If it was cheep enough it would also be a good stop gap till the Gaikai PS3 back catalogue streaming is implemented.

        Although it would ruin the vertical standing aspect of the PS4 Design though I think…

  2. Red one and a blue one I reckon.

  3. I’d trade mine and get a new SKU if it wasn’t the super slim, top loading is baaaad and it just looks so dirrrrty cheap.

    Hopefully they have a rethink

    • Unfortunately, with the leading ‘4’ in the model number staying the same it is almost certainly just internal changes to the existing Super Slim. Probably just reduces manufacturing costs rather than delivering any end-user benefits (beyond a possible slight reduction in energy consumption that normally accompanies component count reductions and die shrinks).

      I agree wholeheartedly about the top-loading.

  4. They should change the aesthetics of the SuperSlim.

    I got one today, it’s dog ugly. Even if they just removed the ridges from the top it would be a massive improvement. Even go back to the original Playstation design and call it retro and it would still be a massive improvement in looks.

    Still, it’s less than half the weight, takes up less space and is silent. And most importantly, it still plays blu-rays, unlike my old fatty! I’m not going to seriously complain.

    • Good call, a PS3 with the looks of an original Playstation! I’d like one of those :)

  5. Nothing wrong with more redesigns, I reckon there’ll be a fair few more model changes (Either minor or major) before the PS3 fades away (Hopefully in about 6 years from now, on par with PS2).

    Slightly off topic but it seems with the PS4 there’s a lot more potential for cutting the costs quicker due to its design, seems very intentional.

  6. I actually like the design of the super slim. I bought the white GOW:Ascension special edition and it looks great. The only downside is how noisy it is reading discs.

    • I agree, the PS3 slim is by far the quietest, followed by the super slim. Especially when reading disks

  7. With – FULL PS2 Disc Playback maybe??? :P (I know it will never happen(but it is a nice dream) but i thought ‘these’ console makers listen to their Fans now???) LoL:D

    • lulz SO CoolZ if They CoUld “RELEASE” Full Ps2 Playback!!!!!!! Dreamz ARE Dreams hahaha !!”””

      :D :o) ;0) :P LOLZ I lulz smileys.?…”…… “UbEr Cool!”

  8. Nice to see Sony apparently looking at the long term for PS3. :)

  9. bunch of arse!

    • That would make a strange looking console!

  10. Hemorrhoidal disc loading bay? The cheek! :’o

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