PS3 Firmware 4.45 To Be Fixed Next Week, Sony Apologises

Earlier in the week Sony released a new firmware update for the PlayStation 3. Version 4.45 promised to let users remove Trophy notifications, but actually caused consoles to crash and lock-up after the update, rendering them useless.


It didn’t affect everyone, but it did affect enough for Sony to remove the update from circulation, despite PlayStation Plus grabbing the download automatically.

Sony later issued a slightly pointless Q and A, which didn’t really address any of the issues people affected were having, other than asking for patience and apologising for any inconvenience.

However, this afternoon Sony has promised to re-issue the firmware next week, on Thursday. “We have identified the issue related to the PlayStation 3 software update (version 4.45) that impacted a small number of PS3 systems earlier this week,” said the company on Twitter [1,2].

“A new system software update is planned to be released on June 27 that resolves the issue. Thank you for your patience and understanding and we apologise for the inconvenience.”



  1. Nice picture. Personally I only operate on hardware after at least 2/3 pint :)

    Glad I read the warnings before I installed the update, also glad that Plus only downloads the updates and doesn’t install them too!

    • I think pint number one is there on the left of the photo! That Q&A was terrible, but the apology is always welcome, and on a positive note before this week there hasn’t been a potential bricking firmware update in a while now.

  2. How will people whos PS3’s are broke be able to download this. They cant access the XMB so cant download it.

    • They can grab the update using a pc, place it on a USB stick and plug it into PS3. When it looks for the latest update it will find it on the USB stick.

      • So the console will look for the update itself even though you cannot access the XMB?

      • Yeah, it will read from USB before booting the XMB.

      • Ah cool, wasnt sure that would work without being able to select update from XMB. Nice one.

      • It works that way for a hdd upgrade, and works pretty well :) It’s never easy to find the download button on the Sony site though, they could definitely make it easier.

  3. Another simple question :-) I haven’t installed the update but auto downloaded it. Will it auto download the fixed version or does it expect to install the broken downloaded one before downloading the new fixed one?

    • I’m no expert, but I’d assume that the latest version downloaded is the one that would be installed…….but like I said above……I’m no expert ;)

      Please read the terms below and agree with them before installing……

      I, the user who has just bricked their PS3, can in no way blame Broonba, as it’s not his fault i was a dimwit and bricked the PS3. :p

      • After reading your post again……if you’re able, I’d download latest update (when released) onto a USB dongle and install from there.

        Although, before any update is installed, I think you have to “agree” beforehand, so I don’t think it can install “brick” update unless you do agree. ;)

    • PS3 will look for the latest update version when updating- presumably they’ll label the fixed version as 4.46 so that should override the dodgy 4.45 one.

  4. fair enough!

  5. NEED HELP PLEASE PS3 PROBLEM, 1 week ago while logging out off Hulu & logging into to online game (GOW ASCENSION) multi-player. PS net sent a update. I just pushed X and let the update begin. System reads an update from 4.53 – 4.60 is required to continue to play. Ok cool, I have time, no prob? The first time it reads system update was cancelled, and now it’s trying again. No-one else touched it. BC I was charging the remote’s. So the system shuts off & restarted. I know BC it changes the tv’s mode from satellite to PS. Now it’s not moving it’s stalled. I figured lag? Left it to right itself. & it took over HR. & then reads the same as before the system is trying again. I’m not going to wait. I called Sony. The tech support says to hold the button down wait for the beeps, blah,blah. Restart, and same thing. It’s locked in a loop of trying to update. Tech support emails a update for me to down load onto a flash drive. Ok cool, created folders. I redo it. Now a code is ON screen. 8002F310. ???? I call back tech support and now they are saying my system had corrupt data and needs to be serviced!! & going to cost $110.+ & take 2-3 weeks!?!? What??
    Wth, REALLY?? What just happen? Because my system was working fine with no problems, EVER! & now the update deemed necessary for continued use had damaged my PS3!! Another blog suggested that I remove hardrive & redo the steps add before. I’m game. Did it 1st time looked promising. Then it froze up and remains that way.. I’m here with kids the first weekend of Christmas break, and new PS3 games under the tree!! What can I do now?
    Anyone please help, BC I’m getting ready to go Xbox on someone!!!

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